Jetson: full throttle surfing | Photo: Jetson

Jetson is the new jet-propelled surfboard to hit the market.

Today, it's easier to duck dive, paddle out and catch waves. The first brand to open this inevitable market was Wavejet with its battery-powered aluminum impellers. Everyone understood when and where to use it.

Jetson is different. The surfboard offers a built-in panel with button controls: a stop button and four others for different power levels (eco boost, paddle out, duck dive and take-off).

The surfboard shapes were designed by Marcos Slash, in Spain. There are three models available - an 8', a 6'8'', and a 6'4''. The battery has an autonomy of four hours. The surf gadget has its small jet installed in the surfboard's tail.

"Every detail, every piece has been designed with a view to maximizing the surfing experience: autonomy, size, jet geometry, weight, boost, power, operating controls, automatisms," Jetson explains.

The brand believes that the jet-propelled surfboard should be used as a traditional board. The boosting power is a function for key moments such as paddling out, catching waves or when trapped in rip currents.

Competitive surfing can be divided into five different eras. From crowning the first world champion in 1964 until now, there have been several tours, spanning from 1964 to present day.

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