Surfing without surfboards: glide your feet through the water

What if we could stand up and ride a wave, exclusively on our feet, and without a surfboard or any other surf craft? It is now possible, even if you need special help from a computer-generated imagery professional.

Meet the floaters: Ryan Burch, Spencer Gordon, Travers Adler, and Trevor Gordon. They are about to show you how to slide across the surf line without any means of transportation.

Walking on water was a longtime dream. Now, it is a reality. Foster Huntington, the creative mind behind Van Life, spent a few months filming those who master the art of surfing without surfboards.

Interestingly, the crew brought floaters back to life, after nearly two decades in the obscure attic trunk. Rest assured - the dust has been removed, and surfing's floater is shining once again.

Surfboards are a thing of the past. Get those feet gliding on water. Quoting Trevor Gordon: "If there's no surfboard, am I really surfing?"

Surfers have always smoked cannabis to enhance the wave riding experience and the connection with the ocean. But the flipside of relaxation might make you think twice before lighting a pre-surf marijuana joint.

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