Kelly Slater Surf Park: circular surfing mode | Photo: Graham Murdoch

The Kelly Slater Surf Park has been unveiled. The artificial wave surfing project designed by the 10-time world champion has seen the light of day.

The future model will pump waves every five-to-ten seconds and delivers rides that could be enjoyed for one minute or more. In a five-million gallon circular pool, everything is possible. Simply enjoy a classic longboard ride or go for aerial tricks.

The Kelly Slater Surf Park may be installed in touristic resorts or theme parks. A ticket for one hour of artificial surfing will cost you $45. Kelly Slater hasn't confirmed this information that has been rumoured in the web. is trying to get the exact information and correct all the details published by

The technological design is quite simple. One hundred feet hydrofoils will rotate around the tank behind a protective fence. The wave height is adjustable - you can get three-to-eight wave barrels for surfing joy.

The Kelly Slater Surf Park will be really high tech. From the surf pool floor to the edges of the tank, everything was studied to get top artificial surfing performances.

As you get closer to the center of the tanks, waves tend to be glassier and smoother. When you end up your carousel ride, you land in an artificial island beach.

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