Female surf movies: surfer girls teaching how to ride a wave in cinema

All girl surf films. Female surf movie experiences. Women have been riding waves for decades, and they've developed their own unique style in surfing.

Sense and sensibility are main features in the female surfing movies. Rather than a special technique, these films transmit that extrasensory perception commonly known as sixth sense.

The colors, the shots, the angles, the surf lines drawn on the wave face, the smile and stories behind each film are somehow different from the testosteronic attitude of the male surfing cinema. This doesn't mean girl movies are slow and boring. It's quite the opposite.

The best female surf movies have evolved through time and are getting new unexplored approaches. SurferToday.com has selected 22 surf films, in which surfer girls and women are filmmakers and/or stars of the plot.

The surf industry has also prepared a few interesting documentaries showing and explaining how surfing captures the soul of women. Yoga and meditation are often added to increase the sophistication of the wave sport.

The list of female surf movies is sorted alphabetically. Pick your favorite, watch the trailer and buy the DVD.

7 Girls
A Girl's Surf Addiction
AKA: Girl Surfer
Aqua Dulce
Blue Crush
By the Way
Dear & Yonder
First Love
Girls Rip - A New Era in Women's Surfing
Hana Surf Girls
Heart of a Soul Surfer
Heart of the Sea
Leave a Message
Ocean Angels
One Winter Story
Sol Sirens
Soul Surfer
Surf Girls - The Explosion
Surf, Now
The Modus Mix
The Women and the Waves

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