Beginner surfboards: stable and soft

Surfers never forget their first surfboard. Beginner surfboards are the key to surfing life, so it's important to make a wise choice, when you're riding the inaugural waves.

Surfboards for beginners have special features. If you're learning to surf or if you're introducing a friend/relative to the sport of riding waves, weight and height are the first variables to have in mind.

Floatation demands volume. A good beginner surfboard has high buoyancy so that errors and mistakes made by surfers while catching the balance are easily "forgiven" or tolerated. Stringer technology has been added, too.

Surf novices should buy soft top surfboards that will help them catch as many waves as possible in the early white water stage. Surfing beginners will paddle faster and will rapidly pop up on these stable boards, despite being bigger and heavier than traditional shortboards.

Quality foam surfboards can last forever. They range from 6' to 8' sizes. An average adult should get into surfing with an 8', while a child can learn with a 6'. The bigger the board, the faster you'll be enjoying the pleasures of wave riding.

Surfboards for beginners are quite affordable, and your first surfboard will always be useful, even after progressing to an intermediate surfing level. That's what a surf quiver is made of. An alternative to foam surfboards are pop-out surfboards, made of molded plastic or very thick resin.

"Eden", by Greco Surfboards, is a 9' plank which includes the highest density foam, triple stringer and new upgraded leash and fins. For $279, it's one of the best boards for beginner surfers.

"The 2.0", also by Greco Surfboards, is an 8' foam soft top surfboard for beginners. It can be yours for only $249.

The "Body Glove 7'" is built with expanded beaded polystyrene core, with a polyethylene slick bottom, and three laminated wood stringers. A perfect pick for beginners at $259.

The "BIC Dura-Tec Natural Surf 2" offers a shape well-adapted to beginners, as well as easy progression. It's an excellent combination of longboard stability and maneuverability, with just enough length to make it easy to control. Get it for $369.

The "California Board Company 9'" offers a heat laminated, high density, and 100% waterproof EPS Core. It comes with a tri-fin system for only $196.

The "FSE 6'0", by Liquid Shredder, offers a soft foamy deck with super fast bottom, and wooden stringers for stiffness. It's a good choice for a beginner child for $144.

"Wavestorm 8'" is the best-selling surfboard in the United States. It is soft, light, and easy to ride. It is soft, light, and easy to ride. The board features a HDPE slick bottom, and a textured traction pad for stable foot placement.

The "Best Choice Foamie 6" is made of durable foam and it was designed to handle first time mistakes beginners make. It comes with a free leash, traction pad, and removable fins. Yours for $96.

The "BZ 8' EPS" is made of high-quality expanded polystyrene (EPS) foam, and comes with a polyethylene deck. Its stainless steel fin screws are twice as dependable as conventional plastic plugs. It can be yours for only $299.

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This beginner surfboard review has been updated on the 10th January, 2016.