Mount Maunganui: let the natural waves roll

New Zealand's first artificial surf reef will be removed from Mount Maunganui.

The $1.5 million investment was a dream that started in the late 1990s. It promised world-class rides and up to 50 surfers at a time in the waves.

The submerged reef was placed 250 meters offshore from the corner of Tay Street and Marine Parade, five minutes drive south of the main beach.


The Summer Surf Gear Guide 2014: accessories and apparel for an endless summer

Summer calls for sun, sand and... surfing. Get ready to enjoy the warm weather and crystal clear waves of the season to the fullest.

The hot and dry months of summer are a privileged time to travel around, discover brand new surf spots and simply have fun riding waves until the sun sets.

Find the perfect surf gear for an endless summer. We've picked the ideal accessories for performance and comfort, as your surfing adventures get more exciting than ever.


Surf sands: let your feet feel the elements

Surfers love sandals. Who doesn't love to feel the warm sand while looking at a perfect peeling wave?

Surf sandals connect us to the place we call home. When we're at the beach, we're in tune with the elements.

Modern sandals go beyond the summer season. They're comfortable, durable, soft and anatomically designed to adapt to your feet.