Nathan Florence: go, no go

Kelly Slater said it was the best wave paddled ever at Teahupoo. Sebastian Zietz considers it the heaviest drop ever in Teahupoo history. Have your say.

The surfer in the footage is Nathan Florence. Despite feeling extremely nervous, the young Hawaiian decided to try his luck. He paddled early to avoid getting sucked up the face, and the wave allowed him to stay in the surf line.

Nathan Florence pumps for speed, grabs rail and hopes to leave the cavern in one piece. In the end, he makes it. "That was probably the best wave of my life," noted the surfer from Haleiwa.

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North Korea: land of surf

An American travel agency has announced an eight-day surf camp in the virgin waves of North Korea.

Uri Tours, a company founded by Korean-American Andrea Lee, is taking a group of surfers to the eastern coast of the Democratic People's Republic of Korea (DPRK).

"The pristine beaches and rocky outcrops of the Hamhung and Sijung area receive a decent amount of swells from a 90 degrees easterly window," explains Nik Zanella, expedition leader, ISA representative and Chinese National Surf Team coach.

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Surfing: stoked till sunset | Photo: Minoru Nitta/Creative Commons

Do you remember your first wave? Can you go back in time to the ride of your life? What memories have you got of those endless surfing summers? Take a deep breath and dive into a collection of stories that made us surfers.

The biggest wave. The best wave. A wave shared with a couple of friends. That unforgettable wipeout. The smell of wax. The sunset session. The best surfing day of your life.

Joseph Tomarchio, the man behind "Legacy of Stoke," has compiled and edited a compendium of 12 surfing narratives revealed by people touched by the power of dancing on water.

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