Julian Wilson: married and barreled | Photo: Poullenot/WSL

Twelve surfers have earned a spot in Round 3 of the 2015 Quiksilver Pro France. The first day of competition got underway in clean six-to-eight foot (2-2.5-meter waves) at Culs Nus, in Landes.

The inaugural Round 1 heat brought the first surprise. Brett Simpson sent Kelly Slater to the dangerous repechage game. Both surfers ended up with the same total heat score, but the Californian had the highest-scoring wave.

"It's really fun; there's peaks everywhere, and I was able to get two good waves. I almost made a mistake at the end, I had priority and Kelly got a wave, I made the decision not to go, and he almost got the score. I haven't had much success as of late, and it feels great to get a win," said Simpson.

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Delta Flume: the world's largest wave generator | Photo: Deltares

Deltares, an independent Dutch research institute for applied research in the field of water and subsurface, has unveiled the world's largest wave generator. It will simulate the power of the sea for both engineered and power defenses in Delft, Netherlands.

The Delta Flume is a full-scale test facility for hydraulic structures that is capable of testing the effect of extreme waves and tides on breakwaters, dunes, or dikes. The concrete and metal channel 300 meters long (984 feet), 9.5 meters deep (31 feet) and 5 meters wide (16 feet).

The flume generates waves of up to 4.5 meters (15 feet) and simulates the behavior of swells in their natural environment. The water reservoir contains 9 million liters of fresh water. Three stations can pump 1000 liters a second.

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Dale Webster: celebrating four decades of consecutive surfing | Photo: Dale Gilbert

Dale Webster has spent the last four decades (14610 days) surfing every day. Now, he's finally ready to take a break.

If you want to live the dream, go surfing. But if you're interested in breaking the Guinness World Record for the most consecutive days spent riding waves, then you'd better start now.

"The Daily Wavester" kicked off his daily surfing campaign on September 3rd, 1975. Since then, whether it's rain or shine, Dale has caught at least three rollers, mainly at Bodega Bay, in Northern California.

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