Kirra: you should've been here last week

Kirra was the capital of tube riding of Planet Earth for an entire week. Surfers have enjoyed the best barrels of the decade between 25th and 29th August, 2014.

Long, green and endless tubes. Australian surfers were threading barrel after barrel in a historic week of wave riding action in the beachside suburb of the Gold Coast, in Queensland.

The extension of the Kirra groyne by 30 meters has drastically improved the quality of the surf from Snapper Rocks, across Rainbow Bay through to Greenmount.


Bottom turn: the most important maneuver in surfing | Photo: Quiksilver/Rabejac

The bottom turn is considered the most important maneuver in surfing. Whether you're negotiating a late drop or eyeing a falling wave lip, you will have to master the bottom turn. It's a key performance move.

Rail game. Have you got it? Bottom turning is the art of burying the surfboard's rail in the slowest part of a wave. The moment you decide to turn will define the rest of the wave. It's the surfing slingshot.

"The bottom turn is where it all begins. It's the foundation for the rest of your repertoire." The words are from the master of style, Tom Curren.


How to read waves: learn how they bend and break | Photo: Quiksilver/BoskoPhoto

How do waves break? How will a wave break? It's one of the most frequent questions in surfing, and you'll forever learn where to paddle to. Left, right or no-go.

Reading waves and the direction they break is one of the most important skills in surfing. Whether you're a beginner, weekend warrior, intermediate or pro surfer, you should definitely learn how to read a wave.

Choosing the wave we'll be riding involves observation, and it will open a wide new world of advantages over other fellow surfers - you'll be catching the best waves, more waves, you'll experience less wipeouts, you'll get less tired and, above all, you'll surely have more fun.