Mavericks: the swell of the decade hit Northern California

Mavericks delivered one of the finest days of big wave surfing of the decade. The swell was powered by El Niño.

Waves in the 30-to-40-foot range hit the famous surf break located off the coast of Half Moon Bay, in Northern California, and the opportunity was not unnoticed by dozens of well-known chargers.

Kai Lenny, Aaron Gold, Peter Mel, Ryan Seelbach, Josh Kerr, Jamie Mitchell, Ken "Skindog" Collins, Patrick Shaughnessy, Matt Becker, Ben Andrews, Nick Rozsa, Tyler Larronde, and friends had the best February 4th of their lives.

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Kelly Slater: a barrel veteran in action | Photo: Morrissey/Volcom

Kelly Slater has taken out the Volcom Pipe Pro 2016, in 10-to-15-foot surf at Banzai Pipeline, Hawaii.

The magical all-star 30-minute final included Jamie O'Brien, Bruce Irons and Makai McNamara and got underway in classic Pipeline conditions. A barrel fest. Slater celebrated his first victory in two years.

"I'm stoked; it's been a while. Between drinks as they say in Australia. Two years since I won an event, and it was this one," expressed Kelly Slater.

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Bruce Irons: studying the exit at Backdoor | Photo: Lugo

Pipeline continues to deliver some of the best waves of the season, as the Volcom Pipe Pro 2016 hits Round of 3.

A fired up John John Florence surfed two waves in the excellent range to claim the highest heat total of the day - 18.84 points. The Hawaiian is through to Round 4.

"It was a really fun heat; I've been excited to watch it all day. It's been slowly picking up since this morning; conditions are incredible. The whole day I was just like, 'please stay the same, please stay the same.' Still light offshores, big, beautiful sunny barrels," noted Florence.

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