Gabriel Medina: managing white waters

The first round of the Rip Curl Pro Bells Beach 2014 has been completed, in tricky wave conditions.

Kelly Slater snatched a last-minute victory against Kolohe Andino and wildcard Jacob Willcox. Despite Kolohe's early dominance first with a series of clean forehand carves, Slater managed to answer back with experience.

"I made a few mistakes and I was a little nervous to be honest because I haven't surfed in three days," explains Kelly Slater.


Prince George's brand new surfboard: shaped in Manly | Photo:

Prince George has been offered a custom shaped six-foot surfboard by the mayor of Manly, in Australia.

We knew that the Duke of Cambridge was a keen water sports enthusiast. He was spotted catching waves in Cornwall and Portugal, several times in the last decade. Prince William owns surfboards and bodyboards, although he admits he's not good enough.

His father, Prince Charles, is an experienced windsurfer. In 1978, he was photographed by "Life" magazine sailing in matchless style.


Inflatable SUP: portable, light and great for waves and cruising

Inflatable stand up paddle boards are the best option for flat days. In a matter of seconds, you take the SUP out the car and hit the water for waves or cruising.

They're light, portable, durable and ready to ride. The new inflatable stand up paddle boards will provide you with hours of fun.

It's probably one of the best inventions of the surfing world. SUP boards are traditionally heavy and could only be transported in surfboard car racks.