Michael Dunphy: breaking the 1981 spell at Virginia Beach | Photo: ASP/John Ferguson

Michael Dunphy stole the Vans Pro 2014, at Virginia Beach, USA.

The local star claimed the Men's final against Deivid Silva, Luke Davis and Hiroto Arai, in demanding three-to-four foot waves at 1st Jetty.

Despite the non-stop exchanges of long rides and connecting turns all the way to the beach, Dunphy's opponents weren't able to equal his right-hander scored at 8.57.


John John Florence: not impressed with Chopes | Photo: ASP/Will Hayden-Smith

Solid 10-to-12-foot-plus barreling waves fired up the conclusion of Round 2 and 3 of the Billabong Pro Tahiti 2014, at Teahupoo.

Tiago Pires, the Portuguese Tiger, posted two near-perfect scores - a 9.00 and a 9.67 - to defeat Taj Burrow. Pires displayed his best performance of the season.

"I really like these kind of waves and barrels. I love Tahiti and it's been a few years since I got a result here. My plan was to be selective and it worked. I think it's safe to say that was my first good heat of the year, so I'm really psyched and excited for my next heat," said Tiago Pires.


Nikki Van Dijk: attacking the French lines | Photo: Swatch/Damien Poullenot

Nikki Van Dijk conquered the 2014 Swatch Girls Pro France, in small surf conditions, at Les Bourdaines, in Seignosse, France.

The Australian surfer defeated Mahina Maeda in a wave starved final. Van Dijk takes the third place in the Qualifying Series rankings.

"I'm just so stoked, this was a hard final, and I think I only took two or three waves but I'm definitely over the moon,” Van Dijk stated. “It's a little bit rough with the CT and the QS being so close, I really needed the points here," says Nikki.