Kelly Slater: barreled in brown waters | Photo: ASP/Kirstin

Gabriel Medina and Kelly Slater have won their Round 1 heats at the Moche Rip Curl Pro Portugal 2014, held in bumpy three-to-five foot waves, at Supertubos, in Peniche.

Everybody knows what's at stake. If Medina wins the Portuguese event, he will be the first ever Brazilian to claim a world title in the history of professional surfing.

Slater did his job, despite watching Matt Wilkinson exiting a near-perfect 9.57 barrel. The Floridian champ waited for his turn and eventually found a late-drop to barrel that would confirm the heat win.


Muizenberg: perfect waves in the heart of South Africa | Photo: Surfpop

Want to learn how to surf and get children from disadvantaged communities out the back? Surfpop is building a bridge between crime and drugs, and the love for surfing and the ocean.

Daniel Botha, founder of Surfpop, aims to change the life of underprivileged children born amidst gangsterism, violence and ghettos. His drive involves hope, compassion, smiles, waves, and business, too.

"We want to share surfing, and the lifestyle and culture it offers with others and have them experience the stoke," explains Botha, who owns his surf shack in Muizenberg, Cape Town.


Speed in surfing: pump and bounce down the line | Photo: Quiksilver/Bravo

Generating speed in surfing is making sure you'll be pulling the highest airs, the most powerful carves and snaps. Trimming is a technique, and mastering the art of speed will allow you to explore a wave to the fullest.

Speed lines are imaginary routes drawn on the face of the wave. They're always changing as the roller peels across the line-up, and surfers have to adapt its constant mutation.

Interestingly, optimal surf lines can be horizontal or vertical depending on the type of the wave you're riding, and on what you're about to do next.