Tandem surfing: there are 68 different lifts | Photo: Noosa Festival of Surfing

The 2015 SeaHawaii Tandem Surfing World Championship will take place on December 5-6th or 12-13th, depending on the surf forecast, at Makaha Beach, Hawaii.

The invitational event will feature 16 of the world's best tandem teams, and returns to Hawaii for the first time since 2009.

"This year's championship has special meaning because it is being hosted at Makaha Beach. This will be the world's single largest gathering of tandem teams since ITSA's first World Championship in 2006 in Hawaii. We'd especially like to thank Mel Pu'u for graciously including our event as part of his 10th Annual Waterman Championship contest," explains Tiffany Rabacal, co-president at ITSA.

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Surfing: only a surfer knows the feeling | Photo: Rip Curl

When Tom Morey speaks, we should all listen. The inventor of bodyboarding (or boogieboarding, as he prefers to say) notes that he is "neither Moses nor Neptune's spokesman," but he accepted SurferToday's challenge to write down the ten commandments of surfing, with three extra bullets. Take it away, Mr. Morey.

Surfer, think royally. Surfing is not democratic. Majority does not rule. Only royalty rules. Royalty as in Kings, Queens, Jacks, Aces; all the rest is basically flotsam and jetsam.

Surfing is not even a sport. Has no established borders, court, time period. There are no agreed upon rules nor goals: Regulations be damned!. Surfing etiquette? Get real. Not.

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Miguel Pupo: confirmed in the 2016 WSL | Photo: WSL

Miguel Pupo won the Oi HD Sao Paulo Open of Surfing, in Maresias, Brazil.

The Brazilian surfer has secured a spot in the 2016 World Surf League (WSL) Championship Tour after claiming the QS 10,000 event in front of his home crowd. The final heat got underway in four-to-six-foot surf.

Pupo defeated the Australian sensation Davey Cathels with two waves scored in the excellent range. His opponent was never able to overcome Miguel, and only rode four waves in the final.

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