Papua New Guinea: everybody surfs | Still: Splinters

Papua New Guinea is putting a Surf Management Plan (SMP) into practice. The good new is that it works.

The country located in the Pacific Ring of Fire has developed a unique rulebook to minimize the impact of surf tourism in the fragile ecosystem, in the local communities, and in the overall quality of the surfing experience.

Papua New Guinea is a land of contrasts, transparent blue waters, ancient traditions, and multiple isolated islands. Therefore, it's important to keep it alive, healthy, and natural.

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Slater Designs: surfboards by Kelly Slater

Kelly Slater will launch his own surfboard company. The 11-time world surfing champion has named it Slater Designs.

The world of surfing saw his new logo for the first time in Round 1 of the 2015 Billabong Pipeline Masters. Slater rode a 5'10'' Banana model shaped by Greg Webber, which featured the new Slater Designs sticker.

The Floridian will launch his brand new surfboard company in the Surf Expo 2016, in Orlando, but Slater's planks will only hit the mass market by April.

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Ed Leasure (right): gone surfing | Photo: Shop Eat Surf/Billabong

Ed Leasure has decided to step down from his role of president of Billabong US.

After nine years at Billabong Americas, and 40 years in the action sports industry, Leasure decided it was time for a new cycle in the company and his life.

Leasure started his career shaping surfboards. Later, in 1979, he opened a chain of surf shops. He joined Billabong in 2008, and will continue as consultant and ambassador for the Billabong group.

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