Elliot Paerata: nice move

The countdown has begun. The 2011 Quiksilver ISA World Junior Surfing Championship are moving towards the dramatic waves, where only the best surfers will taste full glory.

The surfing conditions kept perfect. Once again, the waves were long, strong and consistent both at the rights of Caballeros and the lefts of Señoritas. Of the record breaking 276 competitors that started in the event, 144 remain.

The only countries that still have all of their surfers in the contest are USA, South Africa and Peru. However, Hawaii, France and Brazil can still reach the perfect score in the Nations Ranking.

Early in the morning, the defending champion and indisputable star of junior events, Australia, suffered a shocker defeat. Under 16 Boys Kai Hing lost to Italian Joao Maffini and German Arne Bergwinkel. His compatriot, Mitchell Parkinson, lost minutes later against Felipe Suárez from Argentina and Gearoid McDaid from Ireland.

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Surf culture: catchphrases are like chips | Photo: Leroy Grannis

The history of surfing is full of memories, surfers, moments, travels and unforgettable waves. Each decade since the birth of surfing, trends, developments, and new frontiers have been developed. How do these translate to catchphrases?

It's always hard to express how we feel when we ride a wave. Fortunately, there are catchphrases born in surf culture that capture some of the essence.

Call them mottos, sentences, quotes, phrases or guiding principles. Some words, when put together, stay in our salted brains forever. But which one's your favorite surf catchphrase?

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Reubyn Ash: he likes cash

Reubyn Ash has conquered Nike 6.0's Cash For Tricks in Sopelana, Spain. The British surfer proved to be the most innovative rider when surf moves are at stake.

Ash showed off all his aerial capabilities in clean three-foot waves of the Bilbao region. "I love the format and the vibe in these Nike 6.0 Cash For Tricks events", says Reubyn. Watch the highlights.

The event was held with live DJjing sound and confirmed Europe's best surf aerialists. Jonathan Gonzalez, Vincent Duvignac, Tristan Guilbaud, Dimitri Ouvre, Jatyr Berasaluce and Jean-Carles Debray were some of the stars in Sopelana.

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