Maxime Huscenot: the spray master

Maxime Huscenot and Joanne Defay have conquered the Yop Reunion Surf Pro Junior and the Rexona Girls Pro Junior, in Trois Bassins, Reunion Island.

With clean four-to-five foot (1.5 meter) waves allowing some of the best levels of surfing ever witnessed on an ASP European sanctioned Pro Junior event, the final day was a mix of exceptional progressive surfing, smart heat tactics and full-on commitment for a stunning show.

"It’s the best feeling to win for my first event ever as a professional surfer in Reunion Island, at home," Huscenot said. "Event officials couldn’t have made a better call by holding things for today as we enjoyed some of the best surf conditions I’ve ever seen in a junior event. To win in such waves, in front of my friends, is just ideal."

Huscenot, a former ASP World Junior Champion (2009) and ASP European Junior Champion (2008), unleashed some of his best tactics and backhand surf to find his way through to victory, the event’s local favorite leaving few chance to his opponents to counter him.

"It’s been a great day and I felt good and in rhythm," Huscenot said. "I got some solid scores earlier in the day and it helped me get confidence and relax for the final. I was young when I first won the European title and it’s definitely one thing I have on mind right now as this win may be of good help to try and chase a second crown. However, I am focused 100% on the ASP Star and Prime Series so I hope I’ll find the time to attend other junior contests."

Runner-up Dimitri Ouvre was throwing fins out, turns and reverse airs round after round but was not able to counter the unstoppable assaults of the former ASP World Junior Champion in the final.

In the women’s division, former ASP European Women’s Junior champion Joanne Defay had opened the Reunion kids’ domination roll earlier, claiming the Rexona Girls pro Junior in front of runner-up and fellow local Canelle Bulard. Defay, using her impressive powerful carves and wave pick to post a series of high coring waves and eventually take the win.

"I am overwhelmed with joy right now and couldn’t have thought of a better finish in front of my home crowds," Defay said. "The waves were great and I caught quite a few lefts to build momentum through the day and it paid off all the way though to the final. Congratulations to all organisers and Canelle for her run."

Leave a Message: yes, we understand

Carissa Moore, Lakey Peterson, Laura Enever, Coco Ho, Monyca Byrne-Wickey and Malia Manuel are the stars of "Leave a Message", the new surf movie from Nike 6.0.

The surf film is dedicated to all surfer girls and presents the hottest female surfing outside of the competition circuit. These pro riders will show off their progressive attitude in the lineup.

Groundbreaking aerials and long barrels are common in "Leave a Message". The trailer is already available, and the surf movie will be fully downloadable in 24th the May 2011.

These girls have talent and prove how much they have evolved in the last years, comparing to men. The new generation of surfer women is preparing a revolution in the sport.

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O'Neill Coldwater Classic Scotland: perfect scenario

Thurso East pumped clean 6ft (1.5m) barrelling rights for the first day of action in the O'Neill Coldwater Classic Scotland. Despite the cold winds and freezing waters, the surfing conditions were perfect for world-class performances.

The first 10-point tide of the event was claimed by Micah Lester, from Great Britain. The 30-year-old surfer rode a perfect barrel across the Thurso reef, in the first seconds of his heat. The large crowd on hand cheered him.

"In the first minute it just turned on and I lucked into a bomb. A lot of the waves have been pinching on the take off and then you have to pull into the end section. All the guys were trying to hold the inside position so I sat wide and when I saw the set I bolted across, took off and lucked into one that went from the start to the finish. The best wave I’ve ever caught at Thurso East.", says Lester, a man returning to the waves after a serious ankle injury.

"I was nervous for sure. Against Shaun Cansdell you know for sure he is going to pull something out of the bag but if the waves don’t come through they don’t come through. It is quite typical for Thurso with such long range swells," explained Lester. "They have to wrap into the bay so you will get a bomb set and then there will be long waits with the cold wind and the cold water and you have to make sure you get the sets."

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