The Wedge: fired up

The best surf spots in the world have been fired up, in the last weeks. A global birth of great swell has attracted thousands of weekly surfers to the most famous wave peaks around the planet.

In Newport Beach, the infamous "The Wedge" had more surfers and bodyboarders than a shopping mall on Christmas Eve. Waves reached the 15-foot range and the bigger ones were more like shore breaks. That's it, May 19th, thanks to a South Pacific swell.

There were TV stations, photographers, anonymous citizens and crazy wave riders out in the water. Of course, wipe outs stood as the main attraction for many in the beach, but the best surfed waves were really outstanding. Watch all the action.

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Francisco Alves: member of the Portuguese armada

Long, glassy and perfect waves. The surf peaks of Señoritas and Caballeros keep delivering the best conditions possible to ride waves and show off skills from best junior surfers in the world.

The 5-foot walls were breaking under sunny skies and everyone was having the time of their lives in the 2011 Quiksilver ISA World Junior Surfing Championship. The first rounds are finally completed, with record-breaking total of 276 surfers giving their best for their nations.

Only Team USA stands without any faults with all of their 12 National Team members surfing the main event. Hawaiian Keanu Asing, 2009 Under 16 Boys ISA World Champion, surfed twice and won the two heats he entered.

Portugal’s Vasco Ribeiro, the current ASP Europe Pro Junior’s ranking leader, was ripping again and surfed strong enough to post the highest combined total of the second round of 13.93.

"I’m feeling pretty good," said Ribeiro. "It was an absolutely tough heat. I tried to do my best and get first place. I was nervous because I had a new board, but after my first wave I was feeling better. Everything worked great, the waves and the contest are really good."

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Big Tuesday: Shipstern Bluff goes wild

They have called it the "Big Tuesday". An international group of big wave surfers have ridden what is believed to be the biggest day of surfing ever at Shipstern Bluff, in Tasmania, Oceania.

The monster swell has hit the infamous surf peak to deliver outstanding and dangerous wave rides. Marti Paradisis was one of the surfers experiencing and braving the giants walls of water.

"When the swell appeared on the charts, I couldn't believe my eyes. 33ft, 16secs, with light onshore winds becoming more favourable as the evening progresses. It was, to this date, unheard of. The predicted onshore winds were a slight worry but we were determined to give it a crack anyway", reports Paradisis. Watch the rides.

The surfing teams aligned for the Shipstern Bluff challenge were: Rudi Scwartz/James Mckeen, James/Ty Hollmer-Cross, Pom/Danny Griffiths and Sandy Ryan/Marti Paradisis.

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