Clint Kimmins: posing for the photoshoot

Clint Kimmins surfed a perfect 10-point-ride to win the 15th Annual Chiko Alley Classic, in perfect two-metre waves at the famed Currumbin Alley. The Snapper Rocks surfer combined two-wave heat total of 16.16 to beat rivals Matt Jones, Corey Ziems, and Chris Bennetts.

"After I had a bit of shocker at the MP Classic, to come back and win today when we’ve had an epic weekend of waves, I’m absolutely stoked," Kimmins said.

"I’ve got to give a big wrap to all the judges as well, they were scoring some of the highest standard of surfing I’ve been involved in for a while and they didn’t miss a beat across a challenging weekend," he said.

"To bounce back into contention for one of the spots in next year’s Quiksilver Pro Trials is what dreams are made of and being a Snapper Boardrider and having an opportunity to compete against the world’s best surfers at my home break would be amazing," he said.

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Keanu Asing: well done, mate

Keanu Asing has taken the Unsound Pro Junior against Christian Saenz, Tanner Hendrickson and local favorite Balaram Stack in fun three-to-five foot waves, in New York.

Asing was the first find a rhythm in the battle for this year’s Unsound Pro Junior Title. The talented Hawaiian locked into three consecutive lefthanders and confidently dismantled each wave to notch a solid 14.10 heat total which would prove to be enough for the win.

"I’m just ecstatic right now, I’m so glad I did this contest," Asing said. "I was watching the lefts down the beach and I thought I could get a couple of scores. I got one decent one and then got the 8 while I was paddling back out. Right after that I got another one. I just rolled into three good waves. I guess Mother Nature was in my corner."

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Danilo Couto: primus inter pares |Photo: Mike Neal -

Danilo Couto has conquered the 2011 Billabong XXL "Ride of the Year". Couto took the main big wave surfing title with his Jaws ride. The Brazilian surfer from Bahia surfed a 20-metre wave and won the prestigious event after reaching the finals for the fifth time.

"I've been feeling really good for two months, ever since I caught that wave," said Couto. "I couldn't sleep for days, knowing I had done something so special. To be a part of surf history, to have an impact ... it's special."

Benjamin Sanchis, from Hossegor, scored the "Biggest Wave" trophy after surfing a giant wall of water at Belharra, France, on February 16, 2011. "I'm not only happy for myself, but I'm stoked for Europe", said a beaming Sanchis. "This is a big win and I'm really proud, I'm really happy. The wave, Belharra, is about 30 minutes from my house. It wasn't even a big day for that spot, it gets bigger for sure."

The "Monster Paddle" and the "Monster Tube" winner was Shane Dorian and his Peahi wave. He takes home a $50,000 prize money. "It was an epic swell, a real late season swell,” recalled Dorian. "I didn't really catch a lot of big waves throughout the whole year. I was just stoked the swell came my way, near my house in Maui, and we scored. The Monster Tube award is pretty special. I mean every surfer wants to get tubed, right?"

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