The best, the great and the influential surfers: pick one and read his story

The best surfer in the world has never been born. It would be extremely unfair to name the one and only, the surfer who won everything and challenged all waves. There are great surfers, and a small group can be considered in 'the best surfers of all time' list.

The history of surfing has shown us that riding waves is always a work in progress. There's one surfer starting a revolution and a younger one upgrading everything in the next years.

Duke Kahanamoku was the first star and is often seen as the father of modern surfing. He won five Olympic medals in swimming and spread the activity of riding waves. Eddie Aikau, the lifeguard and surfer of the 50's and 60's, braved 30-ft waves, saved lives and ended his short but intense life lost at sea.

The Californian Greg Noll, aka "Da Bull", is one of the big wave surfing pioneers. His name can't be missed, and sources confirm that he was the first surfer to ride a wave breaking on the outside reef, at Banzai Pipeline, in November 1964. Gerry Lopez, aka "Mr. Pipeline", is 11 years younger and rapidly showed why he is considered the best tube rider in the world.

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Peru: protecting waves is protecting Nature

The Law for the Preservation of Waves has been approved by the Peruvian Government ten years ago. The world’s first federal law that specifically protects surf spots actually includes an official registry of waves, listed by geographic coordinates and these waves are protected from physical harm under this law.

However, this important law hasn’t gone into effect yet. For the law to be implemented, several ministries, federal agencies, and institutions must "approve" its language and enshrine it as the rule of the land. As a consequence, Peruvian waves are still facing constant threats.

Peru is blessed with a coastline of world-class breaks, some of the top surfers on the globe, a vibrant surf culture, and a fascinating surf history. Many Peruvians have recognized the importance of protecting the coastline to not only preserve Peru’s heritage, but also for the country’s economy.

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Ocean Beach: hard take-offs | Photo: Stoke Report/Vonstanger

San Francisco is the venue chosen for the Rip Curl Pro Search 2011. The iconic stage of the ASP Dream Tour is heading to California for another epic surfing competition.

If "discovering and surfing a secret spot" is the original motto, all rumors point the Ocean Beach as the favorite pick from the Rip Curl Pro Search organization.

The Ocean Beach is exposed to the best Pacific swell and offers interesting currents and cool waters. After Reunion Island, Mexico, Chile, Bali, Portugal and Puerto Rico, it's time for city surfing, in a response to the upcoming New York and Rio de Janeiro contests.

Several rules should be respected in order to keep the original dream of the Search alive. The surf contest should respect the local environment and won't show off with big lights, sounds and outdoors.

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