Dale Webster: the ocean is never flat for him | Photo: SurfySurfy

Dale Webster has done it again. The 62-year-old surfer from Valley Ford, California, has enjoyed his 13,000 consecutive surfing day, on April 6, 2011.

"The Daily Wavester" has widened his performance in the Guinness Book of World Records and will surely keep the mark for many decades. Having surfed at least three waves per session from September 2, 1975, Webster is the ultimate surf addict.

He challenged hurricanes, storms, rain, sharks and choppy waves. When Dale kicked off his challenge, there were no mobile phones or internet surf reports to help him find the best surf spots.

Our "Daily Wavester" says he decided to go for a world record because when his wetsuit got damaged, he wanted to surf for a full year to force the manufacturer into replacing it. At the same time he thought the record for the most consecutive days surfed was 5280, but that was actually the record (in feet) for the longest distance surfed to shore.

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Fukushima: surfing is only a memory | Photo: On The Board Magazine

Fukushima was one of the best surfing regions in Japan. After the tsunami and the nuclear power plant meltdown, Japanese surfers had to change their habits. From 11th March 2011 on, surfing is banned.

Until then, Fukushima was an incredible surf spot. There were stunning right-handers being ridden right in front of the nuclear station, every day, and in many other secret spots around the facility. Watch the quality of surfing in Fukushima.

The Fukushima disaster is considered one of the worst nuclear tragedies of all time. Explosions, overheat and radioactivity releases threatened life in the surrounding areas. The local authorities raised the emergency levels to the highest value in the scale: 7.

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Laura Enever: fearless surfer girl

Laura Enever, the Australian wonder surfer girl, has been named finalist of Cosmopolitan's "Fun Fearless Female Awards". The young rider from Sydney is featured in the online corner and needs your vote.

Enever was crowned ASP World Junior Champion, in January 2010, at her local beach in North Narrabeen. In April, she won the Billabong Azores Islands Women’s Pro in Portugal, after defeating Courtney Conlogue, from USA, in the final heat.

The Australian surfer has a very strong fanbase all over the world and is considered one of the most valuable talents for the future, in female surfing.

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