Seven Ghosts: is this heaven?

The "Seven Ghosts" is the new mysterious wave discovered in Indonesia. The Rip Curl Search team has been traveling the world looking for new surf spots and found out an incredible tidal bore that can be surfed eternally.

Tom Curren, Bruno Santos, Dean Brady, Oney Anwar and Tyler Larronde witnessed this endless wave, after several months of searches. Curren believes "Seven Ghosts" is the longest wave of his life. "It's the most amazing Search trip in twenty years", says Tom.

The footage leaves you breathless. Some say it is the greatest river bore tube ever surfed. For several weeks, there were rumors spreading that an incredible new discovery was achieved, but the Indonesian wave was kept secret.

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California Games: impressive graphics

The first surf game in the history of computers is California Games. The Commodore 64 video game was released by Epyx, in 1987, and it was a total success.

In the 80s, video games were run in audio cassette tapes. California Games featured surfing, skateboarding, BMX, roller skating, freestyle foot bag and flying disc.

In the surfing competitions, players had to perform the best possible moves and tricks, although they were not that complex. A bottom turn, a few cut-backs, aerials and tube rides could boost your final score.

Playing California Games was great, at the time. If the surfer wiped out, a shark would appear and the famous theme from the movie "Jaws" would be heard. A true classic.

After the release for the Commodore 64, California Games was ported to Amiga, Apple IIGS, Atari 2600, Atari ST, Atari Lynx, DOS, Sega Mega Drive, Amstrad CPC, ZX Spectrum, Nintendo Entertainment System, MSX and Sega Master System.

In 1993, California Games 2arrives with better graphics, sound and new sports. Surfing is replaced by bodyboarding and at the end of your wave ride you'd get a nice message: "Get a virtual life, dude".

System 3, the company who owns the title, recently announced plans to re-release California Games in the new video game consoles. Nintendo's Wii might be the first to get the revival nostalgia.

Meanwhile, play and enjoy online surfing games.

Damien Hobgood: back to total domination

Damien Hobgood and Courtney Conlogue won the Telstra Drug Aware Pro, at Margaret River, in Western Australia. Hobgood defeated local star Yadin Nicol, 26, to take out the ASP Prime rated event while Conlogue topped fellow Californian Sage Erickson to win the women’s ASP 6-Star contest.

Hobgood navigated throughout a drastic variety of conditions at the Telstra Drug Aware Pro, with surf ranging from bombing 10 – 15 foot (4 to 5 metre) to three foot (1 metre) waves for the final day. The Floridian talent got the best of Nicol in a slow Final by jumping out to an early lead to clinch his first ASP event win since the Billabong Teahupoo in 2007.

"It wasn't really much of a final - I'm sure Yadin is bummed, it would have been great to battle it out,” Hobgood said. “I saw that it was getting smaller and just wanted to go out and get some scores under my belt - I stuck to my game plan and it worked."

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