SurfAid: leading operations in Indonesia

The Indonesian Government has requested that SurfAid take a lead in coordinating the Non Government Organisations’ (NGO) response to the Mentawai tsunami.

SurfAid CEO Andrew Judge initially met with the Indonesian Vice President, Bapak Boediono, and Indonesian cabinet members, in Padang on Tuesday.

At that meeting, the Vice President asked SurfAid to provide an assessment to the Indonesian Government of the situation on the ground in the Mentawai Islands.

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Surfaid: helping those who always welcome us

SurfAid’s Tom Plummer and other assessment teams spent yesterday surveying the damage in villages along the tsunami affected areas of North Pagai and South Pagai.

Villages in the area have either been completely destroyed or suffered significant damage.

One of our Indonesian staff members from Pasapuat village, Pagai South is reported to be missing. The organization is intensifying its efforts to respond to the disaster and reports coming in from the field continue to tell a grim tale.

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Peru: a new surfing nation has been born

Forty five hundred years after first riding waves in reed boats and 45 years after the World Contest was held in Peru, surfers from this proud nation took back a small but precious piece of their gold – as Team Gold Medalists in the Billabong ISA World Surfing Games Presented by Amarok of Volkswagen.

It was a fairytale ending to an event steeped in a mix of camaraderie and cutthroat competition as Team Peru gave every ounce of effort to take the overall gold medal today from Team Australia in solid 5-foot Señoritas lefts at Punta Hermosa, near Lima, Peru. It was the first time that the Peruvians have won an overall ISA Title since Felipe Pomar’s individual win in the 1965 World Championships more than four decades ago when the Titles were only individual, not national teams.

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