Avril Lavigne: the next world surfing champion

Avril Lavigne, the Canadian pop starlet, has been enjoying the waves of Sydney's most crowded beaches.

The singer was spotted surfing in a break from the promotion of her new album. "I think I'm having more fun in a lot of ways", said Lavigne.

Avril had the opportunity to learn surfing tips from a surf school located in Manly. Although this is not the first time she hits the waves, Lavigne showed some talent and style.

"Do you need to be zipped up", asks a smart boy. Lavigne accepted the helping hand and then entered the agitated waters of the Australian beach.

"Goodbye Lullaby" is the fourth studio album by the Canadian singer-songwriter. Avril Lavigne enjoys athletic activities, including yoga, street hockey, soccer, rollerblading and surfing.

Watch her surfing performance.

Year Zero: hello Technicolor

"Year Zero" or simply "0000" is the newest surf movie from Globe. The film debuts new ways of filming and editing surfing sequences.

The Super 16mm negative reels used in "Year Zero" are digitally transferred and color corrected for editing by Gino Panero, in his hi-tech laboratory.

Globe's "Year Zero" features Dion Agius, Cj Hobgood, Taj Burrow, Damien Hobgood, Yadin Nicol and Nate Tyler surfing perfect waves in many world spots. Watch the trailer of Globe's new surf movie "Year Zero".

Directed by Joe G, the new surf movie offers an end-of-the-world aura with plenty of Technicolor techniques. The soundtrack is elegantly designed by DJ Struntz. "Year Zero" follows last year's teaser 0000 project.

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Joel Parkinson: look up, mate

Four-to-five metre waves pumped the surf of the Telstra Drug Aware Pro, at Margaret River. It was not easy to face the giant walls of water and a few surfers were caught between sets in the strong white water.

Kelly Slater was the only surfer riding a small board. The Floridian chose a 5’9”, while others opted by longer boards.

"When I was paddling out I was thinking I should have taken out an 8 footer," said Slater. "But when I had to duck dive a bomb set I was glad I had a small board I could push way down."

The 39 year-old master quickly secured two good scoring waves to place him comfortably ahead of his nearest opponent, Masatoshi Ohno of Japan.

"I was having a ball out there, I was laughing the whole time!" said a clearly stoked Slater. Eliminated behind Slater and Ohno were Matt Wilkinson of Australia and Pablo Paulino of Brazil.

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