Bruce Irons: always an icon | Photo: Red Bull/Joli

Professional surfer Bruce Irons is confirmed to compete at the Red Bull Night Break in Flagler Beach, on November 6.

Red Bull Night Riders welcomes six surfers pushing the limits of aerial surfing on Saturday, November 6 (8-10pm) at the Flagler Beach Pier.

Bruce Irons, whose career includes victories as a Pipeline Master, Quicksilver Eddie Aikau winner, and World Tour champion will battle it out with five of Florida’s top aerialists.

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Hira Teriinatoofa: from Tahiti with power

As the Billabong ISA World Surfing Games presented by Amarok of Volkswagen in Peru moved closer to the final day of competition at the lefts at Senoritas, the rest of the competing nations put their hopes in their remaining surfers on Day Seven of the event. Testament to the growing appeal of surfing worldwide, the teams moving in closer to the podium reflect an eclectic mix of traditional surfing nations and a handful of unexpected dark horses vying for a medal.

If enthusiasm, fan support and national pride could determine the outcome of a competition, Peru would already be champions here. Far and away, the most heartening showing at this year’s Games has come from the local Peruvian squad. Headed by Matias Mulanovich and Gabriel Villaran, both of whom have displayed blistering performances throughout the Games, the hometown heroes are poised for great things as we move in to the final rounds of competition tomorrow. After watching both surfers annihilate their competition over the last week, it’s clear that the future of surfing in South America remains strong.

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Maya Gabeira: she loves huge waves

Nelscott Reef promoters are very proud to announce that a women’s exhibition has been added to the 2010 Nelscott Reef Big Wave Classic.

Nelscott Reef announced a format change for 2010, migrating from tow in to paddle in only. Organizers had been interested in the past with including women, but there not enough female only tow teams. Nelscott organizers feel the women that are capable of paddling into the kind of waves Nelscott can produce deserve an opportunity to compete in the same conditions as the men. Seven of the world’s best women have been invited to compete in this years’ Nelscott Reef Big Wave Classic.

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