Surf Wax: say green if you're green | Photo: JFSeven

Surf wax is far away from being green and eco-friendly. An independent French laboratory has studied surfboard waxes that claim to be green and the results cause concern.

In the last three years, the wax brands launched green formulas that claim to be organic and natural, which means free from petrochemical ingredients.

Rescoll developed a chemical screening of the surf wax companies: Matunas, Greenfix, Terrawax, Ransom, Famous Green Label and Sticky Bumps Soy Wax. The results are outstanding.

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Cristian Merello: he controls Punta de Lobos

Big wave surfers are getting ready for the Quiksilver Ceremonial Punta De Lobos 2011, in Chile. The contest opens the 2011/2012 Big Wave World Tour season.

Local surfer Cristian Merello will be defending his title against the biggest wave chargers in the world, including former champion Jamie Sterling.

The trials for the Quiksilver Cerimonial Punta de Lobos 2011 were run last Saturday, March 26th. The extreme conditions – 20 knots of South wind, strong current and 18 foot waves – were ideal to select the three surfers that will get an invitation to the Ceremonial.

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Kelly Slater: good to be back to Margaret River

Kelly Slater returned to South West Australia in winning form for the Telstra Drug Aware Pro, at Margaret River.

The highly anticipated comeback is historic. The last time Slater competed here was in 1993, when he only had one world surfing title.

This time, Slater did just enough to finish in first place ahead of relative unknown qualifiers Billy Stairmand, from New Zealand, Gony Zubizarreta, Spain, and Brazilian David do Carmo, to advance to the Round of 48.

But, the US star was in trouble and almost got eliminated, as he placed third for the majority of the heat. In the final minutes, Kelly locked in his highest scoring wave of the heat, showing that trademark style and freaky repertoire that marks him as one of the world’s undisputed sporting greats.

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