Second Life: virtual surfer girls are cute | Image: Marianna Monentes/Boracay Islands

They have sponsors, rankings, a rulebook and even a board of directors. Meet the Second Life Surfing Association (SLSA). Confused? Well, these days everything is possible. If your favorite surf spot is on flat days, why don’t you try virtual surfing?

Second Life has grown so much you can actually live another "life" in this virtual world. With surfing, it's exactly the same. Even if you have never surfed a real wave, you can be a pro in the electronic environment.

The SLSA's mission statement is so much fun. "The Second Life Surfing Association (herein known as “SLSA”) is the governing authority for surfing and surfing-related events throughout Second Life (herein known as “SL”). The SLSA governs competitions; promotes surfing and surf-related sports; and provides guidance and advice to its members on matters such as competition organization, judging, and sport instruction".

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Gay surfers: proud to ride waves

A group gay surfers will take part in the 2011 Sydney Gay & Lesbian Mardi Gras, for the first time in history. The riders will be marching along Oxford Street with their surfboards.

"By participating in Mardi Gras, we are showing the public that a healthy diversity exists in both the gay community and the surfing community", says Thomas, founder of

The site was launched in 2010 and offers gay surfers from every point on the planet, a place to meet, socialize, create surf groups based on geographic locations and plan surf events.

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The Jay at Mavericks: Mother Nature wants us to wait

The Jay at Mavericks will probably not be run. The official waiting period is about to close and the surf forecasters believe there won't be the right swell and wind to get the contest running.

The Half Moon Bay hasn't seen big waves in the last weeks and Mavericks is very quiet mainly due to the La Niña year. Big waves usually hit this region of California when strong winds from the North Pacific generate a large swell and shore winds do their work.

The shallow reef of Mavericks is a very sensitive wave generator and, this year, conditions may not be sufficient to run the big wave paddle-in competition.

"The cold water, it gets huge and it's a tough wave to line up in the right spot on. And at least one person has drowned there. It's a pretty terrifying place," said Kelly Slater to the AP.

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