The Boscombe surf reef: severe improvements required

The Boscombe artificial surf reef has been considered unsafe and will be closed to surfing. The £3.2million project was opened in 2009, but the quality of the produced waves was below acceptable levels.

In the past months, the controversy went up, as the installing company from New Zealand refused to fine tune the reef. Moreover, the sands bags have gaps between them and dangerous under-currents are being formed.

The local authorities have already checked the artificial wave generator and decided to close it down, for public safety, as surfers may be sucked down by the underwater currents.

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Strength and conditioning: only 99 to go

Doctor Jeremy Sheppard will be surfing's first ever full time Sports Scientist working with Surfing Australia. It's a three-year partnership that will see Australia maintain its status as the world leader in surf education and high performance training.

The specialist from the Edith Cowan University (ECU) has been a strength and conditioning coach for 18 years, having worked and won Olympic medals for national teams in Canada, the USA, Europe, and Australia.

"I am really excited to take up this outstanding position. I have been given the opportunity to apply my passion to training athletes, by serving as Sport Science Manager with Surfing Australia. Surfing is a sport which plays the dominant role in my life and I'll be working for a country that is dominant on the world stage", said Doctor Jeremy Sheppard.

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Nick Rupp: party time, dude

Nick Rupp has conquered the DNA Energy Pro Junior, at New Smyrna Beach Inlet, Florida, USA. The 18 year-old surfer defeated Noah Schweizer, Evan Geiselman and Luke Davis in the four-man final heat.

Rupp notched two back-to-back scores in the first half of the Final to overtake early heat leader, Davis, with a 12.77 heat total (out of 20), and held on to the lead throughout the remainder of the tough heat to take out his inaugural ASP Pro Junior event win.

"I was thinking I was just going to get last going into the Final," Rupp said. "I just got two waves in the beginning and rode them. I’m stoked that Noah (Schweizer) got second too, I’ve been staying with him for the event."

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