Kelly and Daley: the surf and the engineer

Daley Slater. He's a low profile free surfer, a civil engineer and doesn't enjoy the media spotlight. Meet Kelly Slater's identical twin brother, who lives quietly in Europe, with his wife and two daughters.

"He (Kelly) never talks about it, because I asked him not to. I really like to have my private life here in Moledo", told Daley to

We asked him who the best surfer is. The free spirited twin brother responded immediately. "I surf much better, no doubts". Daley Slater still has many hobbies from times back in Cocoa Beach, when he still lived with Kelly and their parents.

Daley likes to paint and loves speed windsurfing, unlike his twin brother. "I really don't understand how Kelly might like golf. That's not a sport. That is a business meeting garden", jokes Daley.

Living in the North of Portugal, Daley watches his younger brother's victories in the online broadcasts because he gets nervous when he attends the surfing competitions in the middle of the beach.

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Eisbach: a warm session in Munich | Photo:

Tidal bores and river waves are always a special moment for the surfing community. For inland surfers, in many cases, it's a one shot opportunity to ride a long wave of joy. For surf tourists, it's a rare and sometimes odd moment.

Surfing tidal bores and river waves is possible and can be done safely. Bores only happen in a few places in the world and may only hit your spot once in a year. If you're lucky, it's the ultimate experience.

This particular wave is usually consistent and strong due to the funnel-type effect on the river side. Fortunately, there are incredible good tidal bores in America, Europe and Asia.

The phenomenon consists of a tidal moment that creates a wave that travels up against the natural direction of the river. Some towns and villages publicize the exact day and hour to attract all types of visitors.

In the American continent, Canada offers two different waves. The "Habitat 67", a river wave located in the city of Montreal and Bay of Fundy, a very famous tidal bore located in Nova Scotia.

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Chris Noble: the surfing highlander

Chris Noble has conquered the 2011 Scottish National Surfing Championships, held in prime wave conditions, in Thurso East.

The best Scottish surfers gave everything they had in each wave. There was a national title and a wildcard for the O’Neill Coldwater Classic Scotland at stake. In the first day of competition, the smaller waves were perfect to run the ladies, the under 18's and the longboard finals.

Dee Ripoll, Daniel Mowat and Mark Boyd were the first to be crowned at Thurso East. A total of five divisions were surfed and Russell Cruickshank smiled in the senior's category.

The tides were being managed by the organization and the open final heat offered world-class surfing conditions, with a light offshore breeze. Watch the video highlights.

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