Alejo Muniz: home win

Alejo Muniz has conquered the Hang Loose Pro Contest, in three-to-five foot surf, at the Cacimba do Padre, Fernando de Noronha, Brazil. The Brazilian surfer scored 13 points to defeat Dion Atkinson who only got 7.14 points. Muniz was very happy.

"Winning is the best feeling of all", said Alejo Muniz, as soon as he got to the podium over his mates shoulders. "This is Brazil’s biggest event. Last year, I got so close, but now everything worked my way this time, and it’s awesome to start the year like this. Winning here in Fernando de Noronha is fantastic."

Alejo will be flying to Australia where he makes his debut on the ASP Dream Tour. He is now one of five Brazilians in the elite group of the 34 best surfers in the world.

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Garcia and Flores: chill out, boys...

Sunny Garcia and Jeremy Flores were disqualified from the Breaka Burleigh Surf Pro, in the Gold Coast, Australia, after being involved in a fight with a local surfer.

It all started with a strong exchange of words between the Australian surfer and Garcia's son, a 16-year-old youngster. The local Aussie suffered several bruises and it was all recorded by a mobile phone of a beachgoer.

The fight broke in front of hundreds of people in the beach. The local surfer was punched and was hold under water for several times. Sunny Garcia said he was protecting his son after the man allegedly cut in front of the youngster. The victim didn't press charges against both surfers.

The ASP International implements a zero tolerance policy in relation to violence.

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Sandra Alionço: the 2011 Miss Reef International

Sandra Alionço has been crowned 2011 Miss Reef International. The Brazilian model was considered the most beautiful girl of the year, at the Reef Classic, a surf contest held in Chilca Beach, Peru.

Alionço took the overall Miss Reef title and $3,000 in prize money. The nine most beautiful women of South America showed up to convince a panel of judges.

The local girls included this year's Miss Reef Peru winner Gianina Luján, volleyball player Rocio Miranda and TV host/model Korina Rivadeneira.

There were five Peruvian semi-finalists. In the final, Miranda and Rivadeneira were tied in the second place leaving the Brazilian girl Sandra Alionço as the most beautiful in South America.

The 2011 Miss Reef International queen got crown of flowers, a prize check and a lot of smiles from Vanessa Tello, the 2010 Miss Reef International princess.

Watch the most beautiful girls of the 2011 Miss Reef International and the 2011 Miss Reef Calendar video.

Sandra Alionço: the 2011 Miss Reef International