10th Irons Brothers Pine Trees Classic: style is everything

More than 180 young surfer boys and girls have participated in the 10th edition of the Irons Brothers Pine Trees Classic, in Hanalei, Kauai, Hawaii. The event designed by Andy, Bruce and the Irons family is all about giving back to the surfing community.

The goal is quite simple. Share the surfing stoke and enjoy a beautiful day with friends and family. This year, the waves were small but the enthusiasm was enormous and the sun was shining.

There were parties, candies and prizes for everyone. "I can't believe this is the 10th year. I see kids around that are 18 now who were doing the contest when they were 8", said Bruce Irons.

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International Surfing Day: grab a board and celebrate life

The world surfing community will be celebrating the 2011 International Surfing Day on June 19th. Surfers from all corners of the planet are preparing their favourite gear and will head for their local spot to enjoy wave rides.

Surf clubs, small groups of friends and local organizations are invited to prepare and celebrate this day with unforgettable moments like demos, beach clean-ups, barbecues, concerts and cultural activities.

EuroSIMA, Surfrider Foundation Europe, Surfers Against Sewage and the European Surfing Federation have selected and artist to represent the International Surfing Day. This year, Tom Veiga illustrates the official poster inspired by the sensations and feelings that the sea, the winds, the sun’s heat and the movement of waves transmit.

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Clint Kimmins: posing for the photoshoot

Clint Kimmins surfed a perfect 10-point-ride to win the 15th Annual Chiko Alley Classic, in perfect two-metre waves at the famed Currumbin Alley. The Snapper Rocks surfer combined two-wave heat total of 16.16 to beat rivals Matt Jones, Corey Ziems, and Chris Bennetts.

"After I had a bit of shocker at the MP Classic, to come back and win today when we’ve had an epic weekend of waves, I’m absolutely stoked," Kimmins said.

"I’ve got to give a big wrap to all the judges as well, they were scoring some of the highest standard of surfing I’ve been involved in for a while and they didn’t miss a beat across a challenging weekend," he said.

"To bounce back into contention for one of the spots in next year’s Quiksilver Pro Trials is what dreams are made of and being a Snapper Boardrider and having an opportunity to compete against the world’s best surfers at my home break would be amazing," he said.

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