Luis Vindas: he has taken Costa Rica

With South African Brandon Robert’s win in this 7th date of the Circuit Nacional de Surf DayStar Quiksilver, Luis Vindas of Jaco needed to wait until the last minute for the 5-star points to be tallied to find out that he had indeed won the National Championship Title at La Curva in Playa Hermosa near Jaco.

Both Carlos Muñoz of Esterillos and Gilbert Brown of Puerto Viejo, who were mathematically eligible to win if they won the date, managed to only put themselves in the finals of the event and come in 2nd—Muñoz—and 4th—Brown. The Champion Vindas was the most consistent surfer of the season and for that he became #1 in Costa Rica.


Rochelle Ballard: in a yoga state-of-mind

Surf Into Yoga with former WCT pro-surfer Rochelle Ballard is an instructional Yoga DVD, that encourages a growing consciousness of mind, body, spirit, and the footprints we leave on this planet.

With the experience of her brother, Hatha Yoga Instructor, Hoku Gordines and Co-producer, Pro Snowboarder Chanelle Sladics, the film takes the veiwer through five different yoga sequences, from Hip and Shoulder Opener's, to Sun Salutation Vinyasasa's. All captivated by artistic cinematography that embodies the beauty and essence of Hawaii. Music in the DVD includes tracks by Jack Johnson, John Swift, Donavon Frankentreiter, and Kai Walsh.


Conner Coffin: how's the weather up there?

Pumping surf upped the ante at the 2010 Surfing America USA Championships on Friday and Sunday (Saturday was a lay day) from Lower Trestles in San Clemente, CA.

Top seeds Kolohe “Brother” Andino, Evan Geiselman, Andrew “Droid” Doheny and Conner Coffin dominated their Round 2 Boys U18 heats Friday, taking the lead with big maneuvers right out of the gate and forcing competitors to chase down their high scores.