Double concave deck: two channels for better performance

The research and development divisions of the world's best surfboard companies are on fire. After the asymmetrical shapes, the GPS systems, the pressure sensors and the LED lights, welcome to the double concave deck concept.

RT Surfboards invest eight months of studies to reach the perfect model, already tested by team riders and now available for the entire range of boards.

A single concave deck allows to lower the center of gravity, bringing the feet closer to the water. The double concave deck leaves a total freedom to shape all kind of proportions and rail contours and offers many interesting benefits.

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Tsunami alert: head to higher regions

A tsunami warning has been issued in the Pacific Ocean region, after a 8.9-magnitude earthquake hit Japan. The Pacific Tsunami Warning Center says people should move to safe and high areas, as waves might seriously damage the coastal shores.

The threatened regions are Hawaii, Russia, Taiwan, Australia, New Zealand, Central America, South America and Antarctica. The sea level has raised in the past hours and 20 countries were put on high alert.

The U.S. West Coast, including California, is not affected by the warning center. The strong tsunami that affected Japan's coast has devastated properties and taken dozens of lives. The local authorities are still trying to confirm missing people.

Please, check the swell forecast for the following regions: West Coast USA, Hawaii and for the Pacific Ocean. Make sure to protect yourselves and your family and friends. Head to higher regions.

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Tiago Pires: a surf star in a football world

Surfing is becoming a very popular sport in many coastal countries. In the near future, it will also become attractive to inland nations, as successful artificial wave solutions spread quickly.

SurferToday readers in Portugal have discovered and sent out a very special photo. "Record" is one of the best selling daily sports newspaper in Portugal and football/soccer is king in more than 80% of the pages.

In page three, Tiago Pires, the Dream Tour surfer, appears riding a massive tube in an ad payed by his local sponsor TMN, a mobile phone company. The huge photo also carries a caption where the sponsor congratulates the "Portuguese Tiger" for his third place in the 2011 Quiksilver Pro Gold Coast, in Australia.

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