Jet Skis: they save lives

Jacob Trette, the experienced surfer that almost lost his life in Mavericks, has left the Stanford Medical Center. The 30-year-old rider almost drowned after being caught by a set wave in Half Moon Bay.

"I’m feeling pretty good, I’m feeling a little bit light-headed but I feel like I’m still normal. I was pretty fatigued and had lots of headaches, but I recovered in five days. The doctors were really surprised." said Trette to The Bay Citizen.

The surfer was found face down in the water by a jet ski. He was carried to the beach where CPR was performed by emergency responders. Trette was then transported in helicopter to the hospital in critical condition.

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2011 Volcom Pipe Pro: this is Hawaii

The day of the German, the perfect 10 and the iconic Hanalei pro surfer. That's was the picture of the second round of pumping waves of the 2011 Volcom Pipe Pro, surfed in 6-8 foot Hawaiian rides.

Nic Von Rupp, Ian Walsh and Bruce Irons were the standouts of Banzai Pipeline. The half German, half Portuguese surfer goes through his heat in first place, with a good scores, beating Sion Milosky (HI), Nils Schweizer (USA) and Casey Brown (HI).

Ian Walsh was flawless. Surfing with 12 stitches in his ankle, Walsh threw a perfect 10. "I just got one big lucky pump without grabbing (rail) which kind of gave me more room to pump, and it just stayed open and I came out happy. It’s my first perfect 10 in this contest or any event in Hawaii, so I’m psyched", said Walsh.

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Barra da Tijuca: crystal clear waters

The new generation of surfers will have the opportunity to shine in giant wave arenas. New York City and Rio de Janeiro are going to be under the spotlights of the media, as the two cities prepare to host the big surfing circus.

The Association of Surfing Professionals (ASP) has announced that urban surfing is the next big thing. The idea of having top competitions in metropolitan surf cities is quite good for the sport and spectators.

USA and Brazil are two relevant surfing nations. Thousands of surfers live in the ultra crowded urban areas of NY and Rio. Plus, you've got world class surf spots and consistent conditions throughout the year. Long Island's Long Beach is a classy spot for local with plenty of room and waves for the best surfers in the world.

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