Taj Burrow: next win, please

Taj Burrow has conquered the 2011 Breaka Burleigh Pro, at Burleigh Heads, Australia. The Aussie surfer takes the event's full glory for the second consecutive time. Burrow was absolutely fired up and displayed a full repertoire of moves including his renown aerial talents to seal today’s win.

The 40-minute final was surfed in one-metre waves and Taj Burrow secured his lead with an overall score of 15.47. Joel Parkinson chased his fellow Australian until the last minutes but could not find a second decent wave.

"Great to win back-to-back here at Burleigh. Parko came hard at me near the end which made for a tight final and it's always good to win a quality final like that. I certainly hope history can repeat and I follow up next week at the Quiksilver Pro – I'll take that for sure", said Burrow.

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Anthony Ruffo: getting better

Anthony Ruffo will be the star of a new feature-length documentary film. "Ruffo" tells the story of the 47-year-old professional surfing icon struggling agains methamphetamine addiction and his efforts to lead Santa Cruz and the surfing world out of drug dependency.

Anthony is one of the “Godfathers” of the infamous Westsiders surf brotherhood, who put Santa Cruz on the surfing map. He was the first champion of the Coldwater Classic, in 1985, and continues to surf at a professional level.

Nowadays, Anthony is facing a potential five-year prison term for alleged distribution of methamphetamine. He will face trial in May 2011 on charges of possession of drugs for sale. Last year, Ruffo voluntarily checked himself into the Clear Mind Healthy Planet treatment center, in New York.

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Benjamin Sanchis: charging Hossegor

European big wave surfers are boosting the 2011 Billabong XXL Global Big Wave Awards, one month before the closing of the competition window. The old continent has produced huge waves that were bravely surfed by local surfers.

Ireland’s Mullaghmore Head, a Teahupoo-esque left-breaking cold-water slab, delivered a bounty of huge barrels just in time for the Billabong/Monster Tow In contest, on February 14. Some of the 30-to-40 foot tubes ridden that day may figure well into the "Monster Tube" and "Ride of the Year" divisions of the XXL event.

Two days later, another swell slammed the region and deep within the Bay of Biscay a number of intrepid surfers were there to take on much larger (albeit less hollow) walls of water at the famed break of Belharra, a break that has produced a stream of XXL entries since it was pioneered a decade ago. Watch the best entry waves of the 2011 Billabong XXL Global Big Wave Awards, here.

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