Peter Harris: still surfing after all these 31 years

Peter Harris returned to professional surfing, as a wildcard of the Breaka Burleigh Pro, 31 years after he the 1980 Stubbies Classic. At that time, Harris caused a major surprise when he defeated Dane Kealoha, from Hawaii, in the grand final.

Today, the same man and surfer enjoyed the opportunity to remember those crazy times and surfed a fun heat demonstrating he still has a smooth flowing style. He was one of the most popular competitors of the event with both fans and media alike.

"I had fun, I love surfing and surf here as much as I can and have enjoyed coming back to this great event. Surfing today is way more advanced and it's great to watch and be a part of. I'm grateful to have come and surfed here today", said Peter Harris.

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Mark Mathews: from NY to hell | Photo: Calum Macauley

Mark Mathews has conquered the Australia's Surfing Life Oakley Big Wave Awards. The big wave rider has picked up his second "Biggest Wave" in the three years. The announcement was made at the Bondi Pavilion, in Australia.

While running business seminars in New York City, Mathews received a big wave alert from Western Australia: in 48 hours, a storm swell would mean huge walls of water. So, he decided to kick off a 48-hour travel to the other side of the world.

It was worth it. A second $20,000 check and another glorious wave for his endless surfing career. The winner of the "Biggest Wave" at Australia's Surfing Life Oakley Big Wave Awards surfed "The Right" with a freshly torn knee ligament.

The "Biggest Paddle-in Ride" was conquered by Dean Bowen, while the "Biggest Slab" award went to Cale Grigson, from Denmark. "Biggest Paddle-in Ride" was taken by 20-year-old surfer Dean Bowen.

A "Special Recognition" awards went to Jon Dwyer, Bill Morris and Russell Ord. They were responsible for saving lives. Ord pulled Jacob Trette at Mavericks. Dwyer and Morris saved lifeguard surfer Kobi Grahamm, off Cape Solander, in southern Sydney.

Finally, the "Photographic Shooter" award went to Calum Macauley, who shot Mathews and Grigson’s winning rides. Macauley also shared the "Slab Photo" award with Kerby Brown, while film maker Tim Bonython took the honours for recording Dean Bowen’s win.

Watch the finalists of the Australia's Surfing Life Oakley Big Wave Awards.

Australian Surf Movie Festival: a huge success

Surf movies are back to Australia. The Australian Surf Movie Festival is screening the best new films and the unforgettable classics. In 2011, the organization is exploring the country's best aboriginal surfers.

The moves from Dale Richards, Russ Molony, Joe Haddon and Otis Carey will be traveling to Western Australia, Southern Australia, New South Wales and Tasmania. All surf movies will present local surfers and were exclusively shot in Australia.

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