Australian Surf Movie Festival: a huge success

Surf movies are back to Australia. The Australian Surf Movie Festival is screening the best new films and the unforgettable classics. In 2011, the organization is exploring the country's best aboriginal surfers.

The moves from Dale Richards, Russ Molony, Joe Haddon and Otis Carey will be traveling to Western Australia, Southern Australia, New South Wales and Tasmania. All surf movies will present local surfers and were exclusively shot in Australia.

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Punta Roca: El Salvador is a great surfing destination | Photo: Sunzal

The top quality waves of Punta Roca, in El Salvador’s town of La Libertad, will be the perfect stage for the 2011 ISA World Masters Surfing Championship, to be held from October 16th to 23rd.

Located at the coastal town of La Libertad, Punta Roca is considered by many as one of the best waves in the world. With the ideal swell, waves can reach up to 12-to-15 feet, extending for over 500 yards. Often called the "Jeffrey’s Bay of Central America," it is a perfect right point-break.

El Salvador offers surfers a 300-mile coastline packed with perfect waves. It is a dependable surfing destination with consistent swells all year long. This will be a turning point for surfing in the country, as it will be the first time in history that El Salvador hosts a World Championship of surfing.

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The Wavegarden: you're not dream, it's true

The perfect surfer's heaven has been born. The Wavegarden is the newest technology in the art of making man-made artificial wave pools and lakes. The surfing project was born in the Basque Country, in Spain, and has already been tested by world pro surfers.

In 2005, engineer Josema Odriozola and sports economist Karin Frisch decided to combine their expertise in designing and building sport facilities, particularly skate parks, with their passion for surfing.

The goal was quite simple: to build the most realistic surfing experience in perfect waves in locations far away from the ocean. Lowering global construction costs and monthly maintenance investments had to be carefully designed. Watch the Wavegarden artificial wave in action.

Odriozola and Frisch studied different methods and models of making artificial waves, using computing simulations and small sized prototypes. After six years of research and development, the Wavegarden is finally tested with real surfers. Gipuzkoa, in Spain, will be installing the first artificial surfing unit.

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