Zoltan Torkos: the kickfliper

Zoltan Torkos' recent kickflip has created strong controversy over whether or not it was legitimately above the lip according to rule #3 of the competition. However, there is no denying that this is the first functional kickflip caught on video and a milestone in futuristic surfing.

After further review Volcom has decided to reward Zoltan the $10K for his groundbreaking maneuver and at the same time redefine the rules and double the prize money on the elusive "above and off the lip kickflip" now worth $20,000.

"We really want to celebrate Zoltan's successful kickflip, and continue to push the concept of futuristic surfing. Zoltan was the first and we feel shouldn't be the last," said Volcom's Director of Surfing, Mike Guarino. Watch how he did it.

"This is a dream come true, better than any lottery win," said Zoltan Torkos. "This has been the most amazing four months of my life and I can't thank you enough! If you were here you'd be on my shoulders and I'd be running through the neighborhood!"

A video explaining the new $20,000 Kickflip-off competition with redefined rules will be released this week. Volcom is stoked that Zoltan's kickflip has been etched in the history books and are looking forward to seeing new attempts and rewarding $20,000 for the first surfer who nails it above and off the lip.

Jaws: one surfer is in serious trouble

Jaws, Mavericks, Todos Santos, Mullaghmore Head, Prowlers, Teahupoo, Belharra, Waimea, Cortes Bank and Puerto Escondido. What do these big wave surf spots have in common?

The answer is simple and thrilling. These waves have been surfed recently and will be featured and voted in the Billabong XXL Global Big Wave Awards 2011. There are absolutely incredible examples of the greatness of big wave surfing and its riders.

The judges are about to decide the "Ride of the Year", the "Biggest Wave", the "Monster Paddle", the "Monster Tube" and the "Wipeout of the Year". Surfers, photographers, surf magazine editors and writers will unveil the grand winner at the awards ceremony, to be held on April 29, at the Grove Theater, in Anaheim, California.

Some of the best waves captured by the eyes of photographer and videographer are already pumping fans' adrenaline. Check out the most amazing rides and a few of the 2011 event highlights, here.

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Spirare Surfboards: a fin made of a bottle

A surfboard made of beach trash. This unbelievable business idea is "owned" by Kevin Cunningham, surfer and founder of Spirare Surfboards, an environmentally-friendly surf company.

"Spirare Sustainable Surf Craft" is the project that transforms debris into objects of design. That is, a beautiful surfboard. But how did he do it? Kevin Cunningham recycles plastic and glass and reuses it in the skin of the surfboard. Also, plastic bottles are cut up and reassembled into fins.

The first limited series of recycled surfboards will be featured in galleries around USA and then 100 will be sold as custom orders.

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