Jumeirah Beach: restricted surfing

Surfing and kitesurfing in Dubai will be restricted to special zones. The local municipality wants to ensure swimmers and beach goers enjoy peacefully the pleasures of water and sand.

The Coastal Zone Management and Waterways Section has determined 900-metre wide special zone for surfers, at Umm Suqeim Beach. In the next months there will also be a reserved are for kitesurfing and paragliding in all Dubai beaches.

The announcement was made during the peak surfing season, when Dubai gets the best swell and winds for wave sports. After the constructions of artificial islands, Umm Suqeim Beach-2 and Sunset Beach are the only quality spots to ride waves.

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The surf population is growing, the waves per surfer are fewer, local surfers are dropped in. When surf rage hits the water, the worst can happen. Every surfer has seen or watch a surf fight. As with everything in (wild)life, usually the strongest wins.

Sometimes, disrespect for the surfing rules and priorities ignite these endless beach and water fights. In other situations, some surfers are simply looking for a few punches after a terrible day in the office.

In Australia, surfers have been told to follow an official code of conduct, in order to avoid the surf rage scenes. The surf etiquette was posted in New South Wales beaches. The idea is to protect the less experienced, but also the ones who are looking for trouble.

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16th Shane Dorian Keiki Classic: fun and competitive

The 16th Shane Dorian Keiki Classic was held in epic atmosphere, in Kauai, Hawaii. With waist-to-chest high waves, the young surfers' talent attracted everyone - pro surfers, restaurants, police, the Mayor, water patrol, surf shops and the whole community donating time and products to the event.

Surfing legend and international icon Shane Dorian has created this contest to raise food for charity, while providing a free entry for all the local kids to participate in a prestigious competition.

Fifty surfers competed in the U13 and U17 categories. This year’s expression session which had Benji, Kamalei, CJ Kanuha, Roy Powers, Torrey Meister, Moody, Freddy P, Lahiki, Keala Naihe, Darren Farhenfort and Ian Walsh was a stellar affair and the kids were amazed.

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