A Deeper Shade of Blue: another jewel from Jack McCoy

"A Deeper Shade of Blue" is Jack McCoy's latest surf movie jewel. The iconic film maker explores the evolution of the surfboard, like a work of art. "A Deeper Shade of Blue" will be premiered at the Santa Barbara Film Festival, on February 1st.

"It was an extremely exciting time to be a surfer as all kinds of things were happening really fast. Gerry Lopez and a good friend of mine, Buddy Dumphy were taking 12 inches or more off with each new board. They'd go out and ride it and come in and shape one shorter. It seemed radical but once boards went shorter, surfing really had a surge of adrenaline and creativity, within a couple of years a whole new way of surfing emerged", says McCoy.

Jack moved to Australia in the 70's and met the stars of that surf-crazed nation, including Derek Hynd, a sharp student of surf culture, an expert on surfboard design and surfing styles, a talented writer and surfer/shaper who in the film rides the modern surfboard without fins.

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Surf reports: they work like a magic ball | Photo: ASP

The surf report is an accurate and reliable forecast tool for surfers, kitesurfers, windsurfers and bodyboarders. Surf reports are visual modeling interpretations of the maritime forecast systems developed by public international weather organizations and intercontinental weather bodies.

Wind and wave forecasts are based on information from ocean buoys that have been strategically set in several water locations. These buoys record and provide detailed information about the present maritime and air conditions (temperature, pressure, precipitation, humidity, wind speed and direction, swell size and period). This data is collected and analyzed for use in future forecasting.

Surfers and sailors often depend on reliable surf reports when making decisions about whether maritime conditions are right for their needs. Whether it's to relax, train, compete, or travel, a good surf report is often of critical importance. Competitive surfing event organizers use also use this information to decide if a lay day should be declared, or if a big wave competition should be given green light to go ahead.

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Piccolo Clemente: Peruvian national hero

Piccolo Clemente has won the Huanchaco Longboard Pro Peru, held at Playa El Elio, in front of the home crowd. Clemente defeated Brazilian longboarder Danilo Rodrigo and took a 6-star ASP Longboard Qualifying Series (LQS) event worth 3,500 points.

The Peruvian charger is now a national hero. "I’m very happy," Clemente said. “I trained hard and the reward has come now with this audience that packed the beach to cheer for me today".

Although he was competing with pain, Danilo Rodrigo, better known as Mulinha, managed to make good efforts on Saturday’s smaller but consistent waves which provided perfect walls for Longboarding. The Brazilian won the first heat on Saturday over Geraldo Lemos, dispatched the contest highlight keeper, Marcelo Freitas, and finished strong in his Final against Piccolo Clemente.

The Peruvian took an early lead in the Final, but the Brazilian surfed the best wave of the heat, scoring an 8.17. However, Piccolo Clemente scored an 8.00 and a 7.97 against a 7.07 second best wave of Danilo Rodrigo. The Brazilian needed a 7.81 to turn the heat when he gave up with still six minutes remaining to finish the final, failing to withstand the severe tooth pain.

Piccolo Clemente, who had the passionate support of the huge crowd that attended the Playa El Elio to cheer for the Peruvian, got the best of a rematch against the defending event champion and current ASP South American Longboard champion who defeated him in the final of 2010 in Huanchaco.

Clemente earned his berth into the final via a mistake by Rodrigo Sphaier, who committed an interference against the Peruvian to dash the Brazilian’s chances of a second consecutive victory in Peru.

The next event of the 2011 ASP South America Longboard season is the 6-Star Pena Bahia International Longboard Classic in Itacimirim, Camaçari, on July 15-17. The following week will see the ASP LQS 3-Star Pena Pernambuco International Longboard Classic in Ipojuca from July 22-24.

Huanchaco Longboard Pro Final Results:
1 - Piccolo Clemente (PER) 15.97
2 - Danilo Rodrigo (BRA) 15.24