Barra da Tijuca: crystal clear waters

The new generation of surfers will have the opportunity to shine in giant wave arenas. New York City and Rio de Janeiro are going to be under the spotlights of the media, as the two cities prepare to host the big surfing circus.

The Association of Surfing Professionals (ASP) has announced that urban surfing is the next big thing. The idea of having top competitions in metropolitan surf cities is quite good for the sport and spectators.

USA and Brazil are two relevant surfing nations. Thousands of surfers live in the ultra crowded urban areas of NY and Rio. Plus, you've got world class surf spots and consistent conditions throughout the year. Long Island's Long Beach is a classy spot for local with plenty of room and waves for the best surfers in the world.

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New York: capital of surfing?

New York will have a 2011 ASP World Tour stop. This is the first-ever WCT event held in the East Coast of the United States and it will offer a $1 million dollar prize purse to competitors, an unprecedented amount in professional surfing.

The Quiksilver Pro New York will be run on Long Island’s Long Beach, from September 4-15. "We are beyond excited to host the biggest pro surf event in the world on Long Island this September," said Bob McKnight, CEO of Quiksilver.

"There has always been a huge contingent of dedicated surfers and surf enthusiasts on the East Coast and they will now get a chance to watch the world’s best surfers in Long Beach".

Ten time ASP world champion, Kelly Slater, is excited with the news. "When I was young, I remember some great waves on Long Island with my brother Sean and our friends,” said Kelly.

"I'm really looking forward to being in New York. This event itself will be unique and kind of an unknown for us and bringing the ASP tour to Long Island should be fun cause there's a big surf culture there already and some great surf shops."

New York will be joining the prestigious list of ASP World Tour sites around the world, including Australia, Portugal, France, South America and Hawaii’s North Shore.

"Long Island is considered one of the hallowed sites of East Coast surfing and the experts at both Quiksilver and the ASP, as well as the unparalleled talent of the ASP Top 34, will come together to make this one of the most memorable events in surfing history.", says Brodie Carr, ASP International CEO.

September is believed to be the best moment for consistent periods of quality surfing in western Long Island. The local climate is greatly affected by the underwater Hudson Canyon offshore, which can turn average surf into very high quality surf.

"We are happy that the Quiksilver Pro New York is coming to Long Beach," said Long Beach City Council President Thomas R. Sofield, Jr. "These professional surfers will see first hand what the local surf community gets to appreciate every day – our beautiful white sandy beaches and some of the best waves around."

2011 Volcom Pipe Pro: hiding from the judges

The Gods have been pumping perfect big wave surfing swell to the Oahu’s North Shore. In the past days, there are waves for everyone. Luckily, the 2011 Volcom Pipe Pro prepares to present top performance surfing.

Nevertheless, in the first day of competition more than a dozen surfboards were broken in Banzai Pipeline, with waves reaching 15 feet. But, Brazilian charger Dennis Tihara will forever remember the 25th January, as he posted the highest heat score of the day: 17.4 points out of 20, in the first time he competed in the Pipeline barrels.

"I’m surprised!" said Tihara. "I made a 10 point ride in Puerto Escondido (Mexico) last month, so I wanted to make that happen again here at Pipeline because this is such a good wave. It’s my first time competing here. I just came here three times before, now it’s my first contest, so I really want to make good of the heats."

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