Clark Little: shallow wave

The Clark Little Gallery Haleiwa will open its doors on the 26th February, in Hawaii. The surf photographer has a rare talent for capturing some of nature’s most beautiful moments, often risking his safety in the process.

The elegant 1,000–square foot gallery, designed by Hawaii fashionista Deb Mascia (Mu'umu’u Heaven), is situated in the center of Haleiwa town, just minutes away from the beaches where Clark captures most of his powerful images.

On exhibit are a wide variety of open and limited editions, comprised of underwater seascapes, turtles in the surf and Little’s signature shorebreak waves on mediums including glossy prints, giclee canvas, plexiglass, and aluminum. These presentations showcase the breathtaking photographs’ naturally brilliant and impressive colors.

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Surfers Without Borders: a new fuel friend

Surfers Without Borders have presented the results of the "Plastic to Oil" demonstration, held at the Orella Stewardship Institute. The new technology allows everyone to transform normal everyday plastic into gasoline, kerosene and diesel for your surf trips. At the beach, if you need to refuel, pick up some trash and transform it again.

This is definitely not the only answer to the huge global issue of marine debris, but it is really helpful. The machine will head to Santa Barbara and will be shown by doing beach clean-ups and transforming plastic.

For the past several years, Surfers Without Borders have been researching various methods of producing energy from waste. While there are many clean ways to get electricity from biomass or organic matter, the NGO was particularly looking for ways to create an incentive for people to clean up the ocean, mainly the plastic that has gathered itself and our attention in the Northern Pacific Gyre.

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Mark Neville: British surfing hero

Mark Neville, on the best funboard and longboard shapers in the world, has tragically passed away. The 45-year-old surfer from Newquay was missing since the first days of February and his vehicle was found in a car park, at Pentire Headland, in Newquay.

Police confirmed his body was found at Fistral Beach.

Accurate, inventive, subtle, careful and patient, Neville worked for several surf brands such as Hobie, Nine Plus, HIC, Rusty Town & Country, Seabase, etc. His work was very much appreciated in Europe.

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