Jay Moriarty: still with us everywhere | Photo: Frank Quirarte

"Mavericks" is the name of the surf movie that will tell the real life story of Jay Moriarty, the Santa Cruz surfing icon that tragically passed away in a diving accident, when he was only 22 years old.

Gerard Butler will play the role of surfer Rick "Frosty" Henson, Moriarity’s mentor. The surf movie will be directed Curtis Hanson, the man behind "L.A. Confidential" and "8 Mile".

"Mavericks" is the ultimate surfing biopic. Jay Moriarty was a great surfer and had a short but still fulfilled life by the sea and riding waves. Today, he is remembered every year when the big wave surf contest "The Jay at Mavericks" kicks off at Half Moon Bay.

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Surf tourism: waves, sun and a chilled beer are enough

Surf tourism is growing in every country with quality waves, rich gastronomy, sun, quality waves and peaceful people. Several studies have been published proving that surfing and wave riding sports boost local and regional economies. Ask the best surf cities in the world what they've been doing to attract tourism during the four seasons.

Steven Santos, a Portuguese MSc in Marketing student at ISCTE, is preparing a complete study on surf tourism. Santos has created an online survey that will help get relevant data for his final thesis. All surfers are invited to participate and give their opinion.

What is the importance of safety, crowd, quality of meals and accommodation, public access to beaches and reputation of the local surf spots? At the same time, Steven Santos asks surfer which type of wave they prefer: long, high or tubular waves. Also, the length of the surf trip, the existence of cultural events in the surf destination and the source of the recommendations made before you travel are analyzed variables.

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LED surfboards: prepare to take off with flight commander Tiago Pires

The surfing world is changing at the speed of light. After having introduced GPS speed monitoring in the surfers' jerseys, the wave sport is definitely pushing the limits of technology. When the lights go out all over Europe, the old continent surfer keeps riding waves until the past midnight.

Pukas, a European leading surfboard brand, has developed a commercial version of night surfing gear. Would you enjoy surfing your favourite spot under the moonlight? Are you interested in surfing big waves in the complete darkness, just like Mark Visser did?

Well, meet the surfboards with built-in LED lights, embedded under the glass and foam. Pukas is trying out surfboards with rechargeable batteries and remote control, just like the lights of the Christmas trees. There are a limited number of units available, but if commercially successful these LED surfboards will be part of the surf shops' rack.

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