Alizee Arnaud: consistent surfer

Bianca Buitendag has conquered the final stop of the ASP Women’s World Junior Championships, at North Narrabeen, Australia. The South African surfer defeated Justine Dupont in two-to-four foot waves. Alizee Arnaud, equal 3rd in this stage, is the inaugural ASP Women’s World Junior champion.

"I’m so happy," Arnaud said. "This is what I’ve wanted since the beginning. Since I was 10 years old I’ve wanted to be World Champion and to do it in my last event as a Junior, what a feeling."

Without a doubt, Arnaud was the most consistent surfer of this first ASP World Junior Tour. "Entering Bali, I was sure I could get a result because those are the waves I like," Arnaud said. "I knew it was going to be hard coming here to Narrabeen, because I don’t usually do well in these conditions. This is my best result ever in Narrabeen, so to get my best result now, I’m just so happy".

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Jordy Smith: the South African Superman | Photo:

At first there was a bit of uncertainty as to the waves being suitable. They were breaking fast and very close to the shoreline, but such fears were allayed as the invited surfers arrived, assessed the conditions, and started changing into their wetsuits.

"The conditions are fine," said one of the seven invited surfers, Rudy Palmboom from the Bluff in Durban. "Plenty of little ramp sections and enough water to land safely - just what we need."

The first surfer in the water was South Africa-born Australian surfer Craig Anderson. The sun was still in the sky as Craig took to the water and grabbed the tow-rope. Being a goofy-foot surfer (riding with his right-foot forward) Craig was looking for the left-breaking waves. He was whipped into a good set wave almost immediately for the first big ramp of the evening, setting the stage to the applause of the early crowd.

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Timmy Curran: we love comebacks

Timmy Curran, 33, has been crucial to lead team Hurley to victory at the Katin Pro-Am Team Challenge.

The Oxnard surfer lived up to his reputation as one of the game’s top aerial specialists, launching the event’s most progressive maneuvers in the Final to notch the highest single-wave score of a near-perfect 9.77 out of 10 for a massive frontside air-reverse on a lefthand ramp on the way to earning the event’s highest heat-total, 18.50 out of 20.

“I had a really slow start to that heat for the first 10 minutes and thought that heat was going to be a dud for me,” Curran said. “I did one little air and then I just decided that I was going to sit out the back and just go for airs in that heat. I know with the change in criteria now that the judges are rewarding big maneuvers so I just went for the airs.”

In this unique format, the team with the most points at the end of the event is the overall champion. The question is out there: is this a comeback for Timmy Curran? "My plan this year is to take a break from the music tour and do as many fun events as possible to try and build my World Ranking,” Curran said. “I’d love to eventually get back into the US Open".

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