Timmy Curran: we love comebacks

Timmy Curran, 33, has been crucial to lead team Hurley to victory at the Katin Pro-Am Team Challenge.

The Oxnard surfer lived up to his reputation as one of the game’s top aerial specialists, launching the event’s most progressive maneuvers in the Final to notch the highest single-wave score of a near-perfect 9.77 out of 10 for a massive frontside air-reverse on a lefthand ramp on the way to earning the event’s highest heat-total, 18.50 out of 20.

“I had a really slow start to that heat for the first 10 minutes and thought that heat was going to be a dud for me,” Curran said. “I did one little air and then I just decided that I was going to sit out the back and just go for airs in that heat. I know with the change in criteria now that the judges are rewarding big maneuvers so I just went for the airs.”

In this unique format, the team with the most points at the end of the event is the overall champion. The question is out there: is this a comeback for Timmy Curran? "My plan this year is to take a break from the music tour and do as many fun events as possible to try and build my World Ranking,” Curran said. “I’d love to eventually get back into the US Open".

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John John Florence: the Pipeline wonder boy

John John Florence has conquered the 2011 Da Hui Backdoor Shootout, held in Hawaii. The Pipeline surfer boy took the finest 12-20 foot barrels and secured a $40,000 prize money.

The outstanding surf conditions were suitable for the quality of the competitors. Florence was clearly better than Kalani Chapman and the remaining and Pipeline pros such as Makua Rothman, Mark Healey and Fred Pattachia.

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Apocalypse Now: surfing between napalm

"Apocalypse Now", one of the most famous war movies ever, hides several surfing secrets, memories and talks. The epic film was released in 1979 and showed a few surfing scenes in the middle of napalm, gun shots and explosions.

Ten years ago, "Apocalypse Now Redux" unveiled even more surfing. One of the stars of the waves is "Lance" B. Johnson, a famous blond and tanned Southern California surfer champion.

"It's unbelievable, it's just tube city", says Lieutenant Colonel Bill Kilgore (Robert Duvall). Later, as choppers are menaced by Vietcong's rockets and gunfire, surfboards are loaded on the side of the command helicopter.

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