World Pro Surfers: sharing everything with you

World pro surfers have unveiled their new site. At you will be able to get in touch with what the ASP professional riders are doing and where they are surfing.

"It brings the surfers' voice into one place," explains Kieren Perrow. The site has a "WPS Social Hub" that centralizes all the guys' Facebook, Twitter, personal sites, Vimeo and Youtube pages into a live feed that allows the fans to click and interact with their heroes.

"There's a constant stream of info from all the live feeds, and it's a great launch pad for the fans to then check out all our personal pages as new material comes in", says two-time World Champ Mick Fanning. "If it's out there, it's in here".

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Surfing Mums: kids want to go surfing, too

Australia is one the greatest surfing countries. Soccer is the most popular sport in the land of cangurus, but water sports have millions of enthusiasts.

That's why there are several surfing organizations in Australia. One of them is Surfing Mums. Yes, you've read that correctly. Surfing Mums aims to unite mothers all over the world in the passion for the sport.

Although they don't own priority in the line up, these mothers encourage other to build strong relationships on and out of the beach. Also, women tend to share thoughts, tips, ideas and experiences of being mothers.

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Asymmetrical surfboards: do they really work?

Kelly Slater has been testing asymmetrical surfboards, shaped by Channel Islands. Some say it works, some say it is another way of marketing surfboards. In the last days, Roy Stewart, from Olo Surfer, has strongly criticized the theory behind Channel Islands' new revolutionary product.

"The claim is that moving the stringer will change the axis of rotation of the surfboard. This is incorrect, as the axis of rotation is determined by the surfboard's area distribution and the position of the rider's feet, not by the stringer position", says Roy Stewart in his website.

The avant-garde wooden surfboard shaper says the above diagram explains the surfboard will rotate around the stringer position. "It will not. Leverage cannot be increased by moving the stringer position".

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