Jack O'Neill: your house will be safe

Jack O'Neill will build a seawall around his home, in Pleasure Point.

The surfing legend and founder of O'Neill was granted permission to protect his house from the down-coast currents.

The famous construction will now be defended with a concrete wall that may be enough to make sure the 87-year-old surfer can sleep tight.

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Great White Shark: sometimes he's a good guy...

Professional surfer Chuck Patterson has had a close encounter with a couple of great white sharks.

Patterson was SUP surfing with friends at San Onofre beach, California, when the dangerous creatures surrounded his board.

The waterman filmed everything with the HD Pro camera during 15 minutes.

Watch the video, HERE.

The 9ft shark slapped the tail on the SUP board, but never quite showed the intention to attack Chuck Patterson. Another smaller juvenile did exactly the same thing.

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Dane Reynolds: he supports the new format

The ASP Board of Directors ratified the proposal of a new 36-man ASP World Tour competition format which was approved by the ASP Technical Committee during July’s Billabong Pro Jeffreys Bay.

Chaired by ASP International CEO Brodie Carr, the ASP Technical Committee (Tech Comm) consists of ASP World Tour Head Judge Richie Porta, ASP International Judge Pritamo Ahrendt, ASP World Tour Manager Renato Hickel, Surfer Representatives Mick Fanning, Adrian Buchan and Kieren Perrow as well as Event Representative Graham Stapelberg.

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