Eric Rebiere: scoring in Lanzarote

Eric Rebiere and friends have discovered a fantastic new wave in Lanzarote, Canary Islands, in Spain. It’s a good thing they did, because it gave a lot surfers another place to surf and enjoy the sun.

The French surfer has named it "Nalu". The wave is pretty crazy and as it quickly appears, also disappeared in a few hours. They believe this is the result of a 15-foot swell.

Rebiere had a witness of this new big wave. Alexandre Pato, the host of a Brazilian TV show, "Esporte Espetacular", was there to confirm the five-metre walls of water.

The two big wave riders had a fantastic tow-in surfing session. Maybe there's a window of opportunity for a European big wave contest, to pump up the Canary Islands.

Philip Hoffman: big wave pioneer | Photo: Jeff Divine/The Surfer's Journal

Big wave riding pioneer Philip Hoffman has passed away aged 80. "Flippy" was one of the first riders in Hawaii, during the 1950s.

Born in Glendale, California, he opened doors for the world surf trips made to the North Sore, Oahu.

When Hoffman kicked off his surfing career, there were only a few hundred surfers in California and Hawaii. The man who had no fear of giant waves was responsible for promoting the Hawaiian surf culture.

His brother and family are still linked to surfing through the Hoffman California Fabrics, a textile company working for the surf industries that have clothing businesses.

Philip worked as an abalone diver and he was one of the first surfers to live in the North Shore for the pure pleasure of surfing. In 2006, the Hoffman brothers were inducted into the "Surfing Walk of Fame" in Huntington Beach, California.

Until January, Philip never stopped surfing.

Orca: the spot is yours | Photo: Michael Cunningham

It seems we're not alone in the lineup. New Zealand photographer Michael Cunningham has captured the extraordinary still of an orca enjoying a surfing session in Sandy Bay.

While it is common to watch her closest relatives hitting the waves, we had never saw an orca riding waves like this one. Cunningham was actually bodysurfing when the mammal dropped in on him.

The photographer of the Northern Advocate got out of the water and grabbed his camera to try to register the special moment. In less than one minute, the animal finished his surf training and swam off.

Orcas are mammals also known as killer whales and can be seen in all world oceans. They are highly social and still feature in the U.S. Endangered Species list.