Tarp surfing: 'let's start by buying some IKEA bags...'

Tarp surfing is the new actionsports trend born between the California surfers and skateboarders. It all started in the mid-90s, but the "technology" has evolved in the last years.

The easiest way to score a barrel is by tarp surfing. You just need a skateboard, some IKEA bags and a couple of friends. Of course, some of your friends are more creative than others. They even paddle for the each wave... er... tarp.

Tarp surfing is a great alternative to the small summer waves. Watch the tarp surfing video from the Santa Cruz crew, here.

Cloudbreak: one day there're will be many more in this barrel

Cloudbreak, Tavarua and Restaurants, the best surf spots in Fiji, are going to have their access liberalized to any surfing tourist.

"Free access and use of all surfing areas in Fiji to all tourists and Fijians provides a wonderful opportunity to all Fijians, including the i-taukei landowners in the proximity of this surfing areas to profit directly and indirectly by way of engaging in businesses themselves as apposed to relying on handouts from hotel operators in charging premium rates for their clients," said Mr.Sayed-Khaiyum, the Attorney General.

Mr Sayed-Khaiyum reiterated that the surfing industry is a global US $10 billion business and the opening up of surfing in Fiji will attract an additional 20,000 tourists to Fiji every year in time to come.

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Hawaii Ocean Film Festival: people of the Gulf will be honoured

Opening night of the annual Hawaii Ocean Film Festival will be a tribute to both the people of the Gulf Coast and ocean volunteers in Hawaii. Generally, the festival receives independent films about marine resources, ocean recreation and our cultural connections to the sea from e...xotic, isolated, or coastal and island nations.

In the 10+ years the event has been in existance, they have never received a short film from the Gulf of Mexico or the Southern U.S. But this year, around Valentines Day, filmmaker Robbie Fisher, from Mississippi submitted the short documentary "Gulf Islands," about the The Gulf Islands National Seashore Park, the barrier islands which stretch 160 miles from Cat Island Mississippi to Okaloosa Florida.

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