Surfing celebrities: the surfer and the rock star

Kelly Slater and Eddie Vedder and a few friends have spent a nice surfing day, at Makaha Beach, in Hawaii. The 10-time world surfing champion has enjoyed some pretty relaxed waves on the West side of Oahu, alonside with the Pearl Jam frontman.

The surf was small, but quite fun. The Floridian was playing around the traditional Hawaiian canoes that were also enjoying wave rides in Makaha Beach. After a few tries, Slater even got a lift from the outrigger canoe.

Eddie Vedder is known for his passion for surfing. The rock star surfing celebrity, a vegetarian, is very active in the surfing life, through environmental NGO's like The Surfrider Foundation. Vedder has other notable surf friends like Laird Hamilton and Jack Johnson.


Rob Machado's The Drifter

The 10th annual X-Dance Action Sports Film Festival was held January 21-26th in Salt Lake City, Utah. Action sports industry leaders, athletes, celebrities, enthusiasts, and filmmakers gathered to celebrate the culture, and view the world’s best action sports films. Audiences enjoyed Q&A’s with filmmakers and featured athletes, along with open-forum panels on cinematography, distribution and piracy issues that were streamed live on the internet. 33 features and nine short films screened over five days at X-Dance Headquarters (Off Broadway Theater on Main Street in downtown Salt Lake). Over 6000 people attended screenings, sponsor events, and the opening and closing party.

The festival’s opening party in conjunction with Outdoor Retailer featured Collective Soul, three other bands, street scene painters and several thousand people attending. After five days of screenings, X-Dance 2010 culminated at Club Elevate where the awards ceremony was hosted by the ever-savvy Olympic snowboard commentator and Fuel TV’s “Daily Habit” producer/host Pat Parnell.

Award presenters included soul surfer Rob Machado, epic snowboarders Erin Comstock, Tina Basich, Mike Basich, and Tara Dakides, wakeboard maverick Parks Bonifay, extreme skiers Scot Schmidt and Jeremy Nobis, Mt. Everest’s Apa Sherpa, moto Hellion and star of “Mind of the Demon” Larry Linkogle, Oakland-based hip hop artists Del: tha Funkee Homosapien, A plus, and Bukue, A-list commercial director Chris Woods, the GM of VAS Entertainment Danny Grant and Hotelier Chris Minnes from 968 Green Hotel. Every winner received a GO Pro camera and chest mount for their outstanding work.


CJ Hobgood

2001 ASP World Champion and current ASP Dream Tour stalwart C.J. Hobgood (USA) confirmed his status of top seed at the Association of Surfing Professionals (ASP) 6-Star PRIME Hang Loose Pro, winning the first ASP Prime event of the year in Fernando de Noronha, Brazil. Raoni Monteiro made his third final in a row in Cacimba do Padre waves, but as last year, didn’t find the barrels to win.

“I’m stoked," Hobgood said. "Last year I put too much pressure on myself and it didn’t paid off. It was amazing to win right now in the ning of the season. I was lucky all day long finding those left barrels and I’m glad to be here in this amazing place."

Hobgood walked away with a US $20,000 winner’s check and 6,500 points to take the lead of the ASP World Rankings. Raoni pocketed US $10,000 and 4,875 points to place himself two steps below Hobgood on the ASP World Rankings where young Brazilian Alejo Muniz is the current No. 2. Here in Noronha Alejo and fellow coutryman Wiggolly Dantas was equal 3rd.