Sandy Beach, Honolulu: Barack Obama has bodysurfed here | Photo: Creative Commons/Matt Sims

The popular Sandy Beach may be renamed in honor of US President Barack Obama, but the idea doesn't touch the heart of the majority of Hawaiians.

President Barack Obama Sandy Beach Park. This could be the new name of Honolulu's Sandy Beach, famous for its iconic bodysurfing competitions, and shore break photo stunts. Bodyboarders love it, too.

The City Council has made the proposal having in mind that Barack Obama was born in Honolulu, and the President's proven ability to bodysurf the local waves.


Zarautz: a surf tragedy in the Basque Country | Photo: EFE

Two beginner surfers have lost their lives in Zarautz Beach, Basque Country, Spain.

Brothers Javier and Andrés Guibert, 44 and 46, were learning to surf in severe maritime conditions, in a dangerous rip current area with large waves.

Surf instructors from local surf schools were able to rescue both men, but when they reached the shore, there was nothing else to do. When the ambulance arrived, Javier and Andrés were declared dead.


Brody Maclean: thruster power | Photo: Surfing WA/Woolacott

The Yallingup Boardriders have won The Surf Boardroom Surf League 2014, at Scarborough Beach, in Australia.

The competition founded in 1986 is the longest running and most prestigious tag team surfing event in Western Australia. The format allows clubs to nominate their six strongest surfers (four in Open age, one Over 28, and one Under 18), with each surfer's top two wave scores combined for a team total.

The Surf Boardroom Surf League 2014 attracted former ASP World Tour competitors, Qualifying Series campaigners, multiple junior and open State champions, big wave chargers and exciting free surfers.