Kelly Slater: founder of Outer Known | Photo: ASP World Tour

Outer Known is Kelly Slater's new surf brand. The Floridian surfer/entrepreneur will be developing his surf wear and surf gear projects with the marketing power provided by Kering Group.

Outer Known. The surf insignia created by Kelly Slater has been baptized, according to our friends at Stab Magazine. After leaving Quiksilver - the partnership lasted 23 years - Slater started a new sponsorship deal with the Kering Group.

The family-controlled company develops brands like Gucci, Alexander McQueen, Stella McCartney, Boucheron, Puma, Electric and Volcom. Now, Kering adds Outer Known, Slater's longtime dream, and supports it by helping in sourcing, logistics and e-commerce.


Filipe Toledo: hang time in South Africa

Tiago Pires, Filipe Toledo, Dillon Perillo, Tim Reyes, Jadson Andre, Adam Melling, Matt Wilkinson and Jack Freestone are in the quarterfinals of the Mr Price Pro Ballito 2014.

Despite breaking his magic board, Toledo put on yet another show-stopping aerial performance, earning his second Perfect 10 point ride of the event.

"I don't have words to describe what I am feeling. I broke that board but I think God helped me to get my backup board and it worked out much better," says Toledo.


Surfing: stop smoking and increase paddle power

There many surfers who smoke. If you're passionate about the ocean and the waves, consider quitting cigarettes. You can't imagine what you'll earn.

Smoking and surfing. Two words with the same number of characters, two words with opposite meanings. The good news is that a surfer can quit on any day of the year. What for? To live more, to surf better, to catch more waves, and to ride waves others couldn't catch.

Each cigarette contains around 4,000 chemicals. Now, add nicotine and you'll know you'll be losing money and decreasing your life expectancy.