Laura Enever: never say never

She's stoked. Laura Enever, the 19-year-old Australia surfer from North Narrabeen, has qualified for the 2011 ASP Women’s World Tour.

In the next season, the rookie will be fighting for the best possible place in the rankings, after a terrific surfing year.

In January 2010, Enever conquered the ASP World Junior title, and twelve months after the young surfer placed second in the ASP Women’s World Ranking, right after her fellow Australian Sally Fitzgibbons.

Probably, Laura Enever didn't dream to enter the elite female club so early. Now, she's got the talent, the pace and the mental focus to explode in the 2011 ASP Women’s World Tour.

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Bruce Irons: he was 325th in 2010

The 2011 ASP World Tour will kick off in the Gold Coast, Australia, in the 26th February, with the classic Quiksilver Pro.

The world's best surfers already know their full schedule for the next year. The only big surprise is a Dream Tour surfing event in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

There's Bells Beach, Jeffreys Bay, Teahupoo, Trestles, France, Peniche and the Hawaiin legs. Of course, the moving contest of "Somewehere In" might open a new and thrilling challenge. China is a strong possibility, as news spread that Wanning, a city in south China's Hainan province, will hold an ASP World Tour fixed event.

Surfing is growing in China, but the country might have to debut the organization of professional surfing competitions with World Qualifying Series (WQS) events, before upgrading to Dream Tour venues.

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Arctic surfer: wearing a 6mm wetsuit has already published several articles about the snow alternatives to our water sports. There's ice windsurfing, snow kiteboarding and snow bodyboarding.

But, is there a winter version of the popular surfing as a sport? To be honest, it was certainly hard to find, but we did it.

We introduce you to snow surfing... with a little help from a special wetsuit. Our friends from "Arctic Surfers" are setting up very cold surf trips where 6mm wetsuits are required. This is just a part of what Iceland’s far north has to offer. Yes, Iceland offers a world class right-hander.

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