Nightriders Tow-At: where's the light, dude?

The 2nd Annual Nightriders Tow-At contest will be held in Ortley Beach, New Jersey, on August 20th, 2010.

The event, organized by New Jersey kingpin and contestant Sam Hammer, will also feature New Jersey surfers Andrew Gessler, Kevin Richards, Zack Humphries, Brendan Buckley, Matt Keenan, Randy Townsend, and Mike Gleason.

“Having the contest at night, and the beach packed with people, makes for a great stadium event to blast airs and just charge,” stated Sam Hammer, tow-at driver, contestant and contest organizer. “With $1,500 on the line, I know the crowd is going to be loud and guys are going to step up.”

The uniqueness of the setting and the talent organized for this special surf event will bring a great time to Seaside Heights, N.J. with thousands of people in attendance jockeying for a great seat.

“Supporting an event that brings the New Jersey surf community together is an easy decision,” said Billy Melnyk, senior brand manager of sponsor Seven Tiki Spiced Rum.

“The festival atmosphere and the energy surrounding the Nightriders will make this event memorable for years to come. It brings excitement to surfing in New Jersey”.

Name: Nightriders 2 Tow-At Surfing Event
Date: Friday, Aug. 20, 2010
Time: 9:00 p.m., ages 21+
Band: Burning Sun, Brick & Mortar
Contest Rules: 10-minute heats, unlimited waves, best score wins
Prize Purse: $1,500 First Place, winner takes all

Pico Alto, Peru: hey, have you got a magnifying glass?

The Billabong Pico Alto Invitacional 2010 will hit the waters of Punta Hermosa, in Peru, on the 19th August.

The organization is expecting up to six metres waves, as a huge swell is predicted to affect the Peruvian coastline.

The twelve best big wave surfers in the world will be arriving this week at Pico Alto. The defending champion Greg Long (USA), the reigning big wave world champion Carlos Burle (BRA), the winner of the Billabong XXL Big Wave Awards Grant "Twiggy" Baker (SAF) and many others have confirmed to take part of this Big Wave World Tour stop.

Surfers will battle for glory and $10,000 prize money.

International Competitors

1) Anthony Tashnick
2) Carlos Burle
3) Chris Bertish
4) Dave Wassel
5) Diego Medina
6) Grant Baker
7) Greg Long
8) Mark Healey
9) Peter Mel
10) Ramón Navarro
11) Shane Desmond
12) Shane Dorian


1) Kalani Chapman
2) Ken Collins
3) Marcos Monteiro

Local Competitors

1) Álvaro Malpartida
2) Fernando Ortiz de Zevallos
3) Flavio Caporalli
4) Gabriel Villarán
5) Gonzalo Velasco
6) Javier Swayne
7) José “Jarita” Gómez
8) Kodiac Semsch
9) Rafael Velarde
10) Ricardo Peschiera
11) Roberto del Castillo
12) Sebastian de Romaña


1) Rafael Otero
2) Jaime Venegas
3) Mark Block
4) Ronald Raygada

Charles Martin: party time

Charles Martin (GLP), 20, has won the ASP Grade-2 Oakley Pro Junior Lacanau today after defeating Hossegor native Pierre-Valentin laborde (FRA) in the 30-minute final in consistent three-foot (one meter) waves. Martin, with his second consecutive win in Lacanau, grabs the ASP European Junior men’s crown and will lead the regional ratings’ Top 4 into the ASP World Junior Tour events.

Martin was in superb form throughout the final day letting his best surfing speak to score the event’s best wave in the Semifinals before letting no chance to to fellow finalist Laborde in the final thanks to an accurate wave choice and solid tactics. With two wins in three events (Sopelana and Lacanau) and an equal 5th finish, Martin was by far the best on tour this season.

“It’s just all I was hoping for and it’s done,” Martin said. “I was so focused on taking the title to finish off my ASP Pro Junior career and I really tried hard not to make any mistake and secure the better waves all day. Winning last year here made me feel comfortable today because I was confident and felt I knew where the waves would be breaking. I am really happy.”

Martin, a former ASP World Junior No. 3 (2008) and considered France and Europe’s best hope towards a possible ASP World Tour elite inception in the upcoming years, confirmed he was ready to move on to the ASP Star and Prime Series where he will now have to face some of the world’s best to keep his career going.

“That title is a new start actually because it’s now time for me to move onto the Asp Star events,” Martin said. “To wrap-up part 1 of my career this way is great but there is a lot to come and it will be tough. I’ve been preparing a lot, training and putting my game together to secure this event and I feel ready now.”

With Lacanau’s central beach sand bank delivering quality waves all day, the Oakley Pro Junior lived-up to its reputation once again giving Europe’s best Under-21 male surfers a playfull line-up to deliver their best, runner-up Laborde shininh all the way to the final with his rapid-fire back-hand attacks.

“I am disappointed with the final because the waves lacked and I couldn’t get that one score,” Laborde said. “I gave it my all, went as vertical as possible, pushed my backside turns as far as I could but it just wasn’t enough. It is my best result though and it still feels good to wrap-up the season with a final.”

Laborde, a longtime top ranked European surfer and former ASP World Junior No. 5 (2007), suffered a tough year lacking a bit of luck and not finding his rhythm over the summer. His runner-up finish today pushes the Hossegor resident back into good form that will bring him confidence for his 2011 run, his final year as a junior competitor.

“I had a shocker this year and just felt out of rhythm the whole time,” Laborde said. “I had no pressure today knowing I was too far away from the Top 4 so I just enjoyed the event and had a good time surfing through to the final. I am already looking at next year and hope I’ll be able to get back to my best.”

Finshing No. 2 on the ASP European Junior ratings for his best career finish ever, Filipe Jervis will be backing Martin along with Moroccan Ramzi Boukhian (Agadir, MAR), 17, and Tom Cloarec (Hossegor, FRA), 16, at the upcoming ASP World Junior Tour events of Bali and Narabeen.

With the final regional ratings’ Top 4 and still-to-be-decided two regional wildcards, Team Europe will be a favourite towards a possible ASP World Junior title this year, Martin being much expected for his last chance.

1st, Charles Martin (GLP), 11.17
2nd, Pierre Valentin Laborde (FRA), 9.84

1st, Charles Martin (GLP), Qualifies for the 2010 ASP World Junior Tour
2nd, Filipe Jervis (PRT), Qualifies for the 2010 ASP World Junior Tour
3rd, Ramzi Boukhiam (MAR), Qualifies for the 2010 ASP World Junior Tour
4th, Tom Cloarec (FRA), Qualifies for the 2010 ASP World Junior Tour
5th, Igor Muniain (EUK)
6th, Medi Veminardi (REU)
8th, Pierre Valentin Laborde (FRA)
8th, Edouard Delpero (FRA)
10th, Damien Chaudoy (REU)