Kobi Graham: it hurts

Bondi Rescue lifeguard Kobi Graham suffered a hideous wipe out at Cape Solander mid afternoon on Sunday May 30. Kobi took off on a slabbing 6-8ft bomb and kind of nose dived, free falling head first into the reef at “Ours”.

For those that don’t know “Ours” is a notorious big wave surf spot just outside the entrance to Botany Bay.

The wave comes out of deep water before literally exploding on a shallow barnacle encrusted rock ledge no more than 10 metres in front of the sheer cliff face. Kobi fractured two vertebrae, meaning he broke his neck in layman’s terms. Watch the video of this terrible wipe out.

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Dave Cornthwaite and Sarah Out: they have a long journey ahead

British Adventurers Dave Cornthwaite and Sarah Outen aim to be the first to Stand Up Paddle (SUP) between Bath and London.

The pair, who between them have rowed and paddled across both oceans and continents, are to team up for the first time, to endure a week of Stand Up Paddling across the UK from Bath to London. They are aiming to arrive into London’s Tower Bridge on the 8th June to celebrate World Oceans Day.

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International Surfing Day 2010: everyone is invited to catch some waves

Summer is coming for some of you and is ending for others. All riders are in the water and the thousands of organizers of the International Surfing Day hurry to prepare the big day of Sunday, June 20. About 40 countries are getting ready to welcome more than 200 events.

This day aims to make discover surfing as a sport and culture thanks to many activities offered all around the world.

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