Todos Santos Big Wave Event

This is a unique surfing competition that will only be held in big surf with waves exceeding 30 foot face. This event is a Paddle-in competition (no tow in) where huge waves will only be faced with raw human force and pure athletic and mental ability! Surfers from around the world will compete in this 1 day event and will be judged on the size of the waves they surf with a simple reference point: “Risks equals rewards”.

Surfers will compete for the Todos Big Wave Champion title as well as a minimum prize-money of $10,000. All the best big waves riders will be looking forward for the event as another occasion to push themselves and establish their dominance. The prize money is a reward to their dedication and courage while it allows them to live simply of their passion for riding big waves.

Extra incentive for the surfers are points going toward the newly created Big Wave World Tour which will crown a Big Wave World Champion in April 2010 based on the results all international big wave events held during the season.

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Gabriel Medina

Medal time is one step closer for the world's junior surf stars, with the penultimate day of the Quiksilver ISA World Junior Surfing Championship finished today in New Zealand.

With national pride and all-important final day glory on the line, competitors went head-to-head in clean 3-4ft (1-m) beach break waves.

Competitors opted to surf the right-hand rip bowl on the northern end of south Piha Beach for the morning's heats, with the predominant lefthander on the other end of the beach failing to produce quality waves.

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2010 ISA scholarships

The International Surfing Association announced the recipients of the 2010 ISA Individual Scholarship Program during the Quiksilver ISA World Junior Surfing Championship in New Zealand.

The ISA Scholarship Program has consistently grown since it first started in 2007 due to the generous funding from Billabong, The Quiksilver Foundation and Reef Redemption, and the continued support from ISA member nations.

For 2010 the ISA will be issuing 25 scholarships to Under 18 junior surfers from 20 different countries. The ISA received 77 applications from 29 countries for this year’s program.

ISA President, Fernando Aguerre said about this year's Scholarship Program: “I believe the ISA Scholarship Program is a huge step forward for the ISA to contribute to bettering the lives of junior surfers around the world. Together, we are supporting the dreams and hopes of good students who are also good surfers.”

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