Leo Delyannis and Carson Mosley: true surfers

From Georgia to Delaware, surfers young and old scoured their quivers for their weapon of choice last week as the ESA Mid-Atlantic Regional Competition kicked off, lasting Thursday through Sunday. While the waves may have been less than epic, the stoke was prominent - and it was contagious.

This year's contest roster was filled with strong competitors, all shooting for the top spot in their divisions. Showcasing hopefuls such as Virginia Beach local, Ryan Leopold, The Regional paves the way for a future in competitive surfing. "To be even considered in the The Easterns(r), you have to do well in The Regional," commented Harry Purkey, Mid-Atlantic Regional Director.

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Kelly Slater: USA knows how value he is

Nine ASP World Titles, 43 ASP World Tour victories and the current ASP World No. 1 spot are not enough for Kelly Slater (USA), 38.

Now, the Floridian is being recognized by the United States Congress in a bill dubbed the “Kelly Slater Resolution”.

While we’re not entirely sure what the “Kelly Slater Resolution” is, it goes to show that when you’re as dominant a force as the iconic natural-footer has become, even world powers take notice. Congrats Kelly!

Boscombe surf reef: things should be fine tuned

The Boscombe artificial surf reef has been working below the standard levels, the Bournemouth Borough Council has confirmed.

The quality of the new surf spot was studied by experts of the Plymouth University. The results are clear: only 33% of the overall objectives were achieved by the new Boscombe surf reef.

The riding is not long enough and the waves are not consistent. This means that the last payment of £150,000 to ASR Ltd will be suspended.

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