Harley Ingleby wins the 2009 Oxbow WLT in Japan 

Harley Ingleby (AUS), 25, won the Yumeya presents Oxbow ASP WLT at Tahara, over Duane de Soto (HAW), 32, in peaky two-to-three foot surf (1 metre) after a marathon day of competition at Long Beach in Tahara Aichi, Japan.

The Yumeya presents Oxbow ASP WLT at Tahara marks the first of two events on the ASP WLT calendar, which crowns the undisputed ASP World Longboard Champion at year’s end. The next contest slated on the 2009 season will be the Oxbow ASP WLT in the Maldives which will be held in October.

After battling through five heats today, Ingleby found the leftover endurance to finish up strong, jumping out to an early lead over de Soto and carrying the lead throughout the 35-minute final to take out the Yumeya presents Oxbow ASP WLT at Tahara.

“It’s just the best feeling in the world,” Ingleby said. “It was pretty hard out there and Duane is such a good surfer. I’m just so stoked I don’t even know what to say, I’m lost for words.”

Ingleby was in an identical situation last year after the ASP WLT in France and is hoping to put together a second solid result to take out this year’s ASP World Longboard Title.

“You couldn’t dream of a better start to the year,” Ingleby said. “Hopefully I can put together a stronger second event this year”.


Iker Acero 

The Spanish Surfing champion Iker Acero has been arrested by the Civil Guard in the Basque Country (Spain) following suspicions of cooperation with the armed group ETA.

In the centre of the problem is the website "Gaztesarea", run by Alberto Martínez Gutiérrez. Iker Acero and Gutiérrez are being interrogated by the Spanish authorities.

The Spanish surfer was arrested in the Vizcaya region and later moved to Martin de Ugalde, Guipúzcoa, the place from where the website is run.

The arrests occurred on the same day that ETA had exploded a bomb outside the Civil Guard barracks, in Burgos.

2009 World Longboard Tour is in Tahara 

After a long holding period throughout the morning, the opening round of the Association of Surfing Professionals (ASP) World Longboard Tour (WLT) Yumeya presents Oxbow WLT at Tahara completed 10 heats in the one-to-two foot (.5 mete) surf at Long Beach and saw the event’s top seeds display impressive performances despite the trying conditions.

The Yumeya presents Oxbow WLT at Tahara is the first of two events on the ASP WLT on the 2009 schedule, with the second ASP WLT event, also sponsored by Oxbow, scheduled in the Maldives at Pasta Point in October. The two-event series will crown the undisputed ASP World Longboarding Champion at year’s end.

Antoine Delpero (FRA), 24, who finished in second on the ASP WLT last year, had a strong start to his 2009 ASP World Title campaign when he convincingly smashed the day’s highest single wave score of a 9.50 out of 10 en route to logging the day’s highest heat total of 17.75 out of 20.

“I think I was lucky because the waves were better in my heat,” Delpero said. “There were two sets that were bigger than the others in any other heat and I had a few good waves and got some good scores.”