Gabe Kling: veterans know the feeling | Photo: ASP

Gabe Kling has conquered the Pacifico Belmar Pro 2014, in San Clemente, California.

The American veteran defeated young gun Kanoa Igarashi with a decisive left-hander punctuated by several consistent turns, in one-to-three foot wave conditions.

"I'm so stoked to get the win. That's for sure why I came here, but it's never easy to do. We both started with fives and then I was lucky to get my best score under Kanoa's priority. It was a little left runner, and I was stoked to get a couple of stronger turns off," explains Kling.


Pop up on a surfboard: learn how to do it fast

If you're a surfer or aim to become an accomplished wave rider, you need to learn how to pop up on a surfboard. This one's for all the fresh meat out there; as well as late-stage beginners and intermediates who want to polish their skills and get better waves.

Never surfed before? Learn the essential technique. Practice on your beginner board on the beach (dig out a little groove for your fins so you don't wreck them), or any flat surface if you don't have a board handy.

Lay on your belly along a straight line like the stringer in the center of your board. In paddle position, your head and chest are raised while your arms are busy scooping water past. Feet are lying with the tops resting on the board.


Edouard Delpero: that is not a shortboard | Photo: ASP/Laurent Masurel

Edouard Delpero and Justine Dupont have claimed the Vieux Boucau Longboard Festival 2014, in small wave conditions, at Plage Nord, in France. They are the new European Longboard champions.

In the Men's final clash, Delpero found a decisive long right-hander to collect one of the top scoring rides. Edouard, who was surfing against brother Antoine, and French compatriots Emilien Fleury and Rémi Arauzo, carried his rhythm all the way to the buzzer.

"I was first to hit the peak way out the back, and I was lucky enough to score that super nice right, a very smooth wave with a cleaner face and I managed to do a hang-ten and a couple maneuvers to finish it clean," explains Edouard Delpero.