Rip Curl Invitational at Padang Padang 

An elite group of high-stakes tube riders is set to gather at Bali’s most revered wave this weekend. The opening ceremony for the Rip Curl Cup Invitational at Padang Padang will he held on Saturday, Aug. 1, the first day of the month-long event waiting period.

Rip Curl International team riders Dean Brady (Australia), Bruno Santos (Brazil) and Koa Smith (Hawaii) are slated to compete in the event along with such international stars as Bruce Irons (Hawaii), Ry Craike (Australia) and Jamie O’Brien (Hawaii).

All 32 surfers invited to compete in this year’s event will be on hand Saturday for the official heat drawing ceremony. Each surfer will choose a number out of a hat to determine who he will surf against in the opening round. Once the draw has been set, it’s simply a matter of waiting for a massive Indian Ocean swell to stir the mythical wave at Padang to life. Following is the official list of invited surfers.

International surfers: Bruce Irons (Hawaii), Mikala Jones (Hawaii), Dean Brady (Australia), Bruno Santos (Brazil), Jamie O’Brien (Hawaii), Ryan Turner (California), Timmy Turner (California), Koa Smith (Hawaii), Ry Craike (Australia), Koby Abberton (Australia), Takayuki Wakita (Japan), Marlon Gerber (Switzerland) and Danny Fuller (Hawaii).


2009 ISA World Surfing Games 

The International Surfing Association welcomed more than 34 nations to the World Surfing games today in Costa Rica at a press conference hosted by a panel of participants and organizers.

Australia’s Mick Campbell, an ASP professional surfer ranked 13th in the world and ISA Gold Medalist in 1998, California’s Courtney Conlogue, a Silver Medalist and winner of last week’s US Open, Costa Rica prodigy Carlos Muñoz who recently won the Open, Junior and Under 16 division in the National Surfing Tour and Sofia Mulanovich, 2004 ISA and ASP World Champion, were among the famous stars leading the press conference. They all spoke of the country´s beauty, and the excitement they felt competing in ISA events in the past. Seated along side them was the President of the ISA, Fernando Aguerre, the President of the Costa Rican Surfing Federation and Billabong´s Latin America representative Chris Evans.

“All the members of the panel very happy to be part of an event in the warm water and perfect Costa Rican waves,’ said Fernando Aguerre, the ISA President, "This is the first time a World Surfing Games has been held in Central America, we have been all over the globe, but never here. Being in Costa Rica is amazing.”

"I am really very glad to be here in Costa Rica,” commented Sofia Mulanovich, the 2004 ISA and ASP World Champion. “The truth is that generally I choose the countries I like when I compete in an ISA contest. It is always a joy to be in Latin countries. I love Costa Rica, the people are beautiful and Pura vida!”


Harley Ingleby wins the 2009 Oxbow WLT in Japan 

Harley Ingleby (AUS), 25, won the Yumeya presents Oxbow ASP WLT at Tahara, over Duane de Soto (HAW), 32, in peaky two-to-three foot surf (1 metre) after a marathon day of competition at Long Beach in Tahara Aichi, Japan.

The Yumeya presents Oxbow ASP WLT at Tahara marks the first of two events on the ASP WLT calendar, which crowns the undisputed ASP World Longboard Champion at year’s end. The next contest slated on the 2009 season will be the Oxbow ASP WLT in the Maldives which will be held in October.

After battling through five heats today, Ingleby found the leftover endurance to finish up strong, jumping out to an early lead over de Soto and carrying the lead throughout the 35-minute final to take out the Yumeya presents Oxbow ASP WLT at Tahara.

“It’s just the best feeling in the world,” Ingleby said. “It was pretty hard out there and Duane is such a good surfer. I’m just so stoked I don’t even know what to say, I’m lost for words.”

Ingleby was in an identical situation last year after the ASP WLT in France and is hoping to put together a second solid result to take out this year’s ASP World Longboard Title.

“You couldn’t dream of a better start to the year,” Ingleby said. “Hopefully I can put together a stronger second event this year”.